Saturday, May 12, 2012

Womens Retreat 1

To note:
I am currently away in Nelson, BC
(less than an hour from Kaslo, BC where Paul is working)
helping my dear friend Sarah out at her sisters wedding.
 This means I also get to see Paul.
And have a road trip with Jodi.
And help Sarah.
Win Win Win.

Given the dizzying pace of this week and my CRAZY BUSY plans this weekend, I think it’s safe to say that a blog post about how AMAZING the womens retreat was will be a while in coming. Or at least a blog post procolaiming the things we learned – because they are deep truths that need repeating.

However, on the lighter side I can offer beauty, sun and a photo recap of the weekend

We went away to Camp Alexandra in White Rock on Crescent Beach.

It was gorgeous and sunny.

There were 30-40 women throughout the weekend. I got to engage in conversation with so many people. That is my idea of a good time.

We stayed in the lodge and in cabins. We took over Alex Hall and worship our hearts out. We flew our friend Janelle in from Winnipeg to come speak to us. It was a perfect. She shared wonderfully and she was a blessing to us all.

Best of all, God showed up. Our hearts were ministered to and it was lovely. We felt loved. We felt worth being loved. We felt like loving in return.

All in all, pretty perfect.

Mila is peeking through

I got so many compliments on this outfit!

So of course, it had to be documented

Taking pictures is tricky!

But Kayla obliged me and shot away.
And then even let me take a photo with her.

Lyndsay and Christina.
Awesome ladies.
So glad they came.

Helen was telling a very animated story to Irene, Mila, Ereka and myself

The camp is seriously beautiful.

Girls getting ready to go for a walk.
Obviously I did not join in.

I just sat in the sun with these ladies!

I was one happy camper.

Jenna and Kayla were chilling in the grass

The food was awesome!
And I stuck to my eating goals, whoop whoop

Janelle rocked the house with the word. So good.

Sunday morning I got up early and took a quiet time / photo wandering walk

I found much beauty to capture.
Fresh morning air, sun, friends....I was in my happy place.

Sunday morning Janelle lead us in prayer and worship.

Later the ladies lead us in some awesome worship as well.
They did this all weekend.

Janelle and I

After the weekend was over Janelle was to stay at my house.
I made us lunch, we rested and then headed to church.

and then I came home from church, so tired from the weekend!
I managed to make it to the couch...and this is how I stayed.

I figure if a weekend is so awesome that it ends with me unable to move, laid out on the couch, it must be a good thing.

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