Sunday, May 6, 2012

On choosing ok - and priorities realized.

I read these three posts recently. One, two and three.

I was so encouraged.
Because I can’t do it all.
I can do a lot.
But not it all.
And even the “a lot” I can do I shouldn’t always do.

I have a very large to do list right now.
I have had all my clothes cleaned and strewn around my room for a month now – haven’t been folded.
I have so many people to see before I leave for 3 months.
I have regular meetings to go to.

But I’m human. And I’m tired. And I know I push myself too hard. I know I plan too many things.
I know I need rest. I know I need enough to finally be enough and not always for it to be not enough.

I won’t say much more about what this all looks like, because those links said it so well.

I talked with Paul about this. He helped remind me of these truths.
So I looked at my schedule for the next month and I made some changes.
I looked at my priorities – and then made the schedule around that.

Priority 1. Work 8am – 5pm / Homestay - cook dinner & care for Karen.

Priority 2. Health. Bike to work. Eat healthy meals. Rest / mental health.

Priority 3. Pack. Pack house & stuff for Nashville. House to be ready for subletters by May 30th.

Priority 4. Family & Friendship & Life Group & Church.

So I reworked my calendar to fit those priorities. I had to narrow down what church and friendships looked like – because I could fill up all my time with those. I have to remember that for this month they are priority 4, unfortunately. And doing this meant saying no to some things. To some good things. To some godly things. To some fun things. To some boring things. But no had to be said so that yes could be said to my priorities.

Where it says home it means time at home to pack, prep and rest. So big red Squares are good things. I mean they bring with them hard work but also rest, so it’s good.

And then we leave on the 1st.
Bright and early.

And don’t you worry – I will then experience rest.
3 months of adventure.
Friends, family and food.
New cities, new states, new experiences.

And of course, living it all a second time by blogging it.

All this has made me feel SO MUCH better about all the work that’s left.

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