Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sleep issues

Sleep. Seriously.
So I read these two articles. You should too.

Here one and two.

Go on. Read them. I’ll wait.


Nope, that was just the fridge. Dang that fridge is loud.

I’ll keep waiting.

Now you’re back. Awesome.

So it’s 10:30pm. I know I should be asleep. I should. It will take me FOREVER to get out of bed tomorrow. But you know what? Night is the only time in the WHOLE DAY that I feel awake. So why would I want to be asleep?

Each morning it is almost impossible to get out of bed. It takes forever. It sucks. I’m exhausted all day. I’m tired through the evening…but finally I wake up by later evening. And it’s bed time. Terrible.

Over the past 5 years I’ve tried sleeping 6 hours a night, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 hours a night. I”ve tried each for at least 3 weeks straight and nothing. Always tired no matter what.

I am at a loss.

Internet! Please fix me.

Or Jesus. Yes, that would be better.


Unknown said...

well one of your links wouldnt work!
but i can so relate. i am often awake at night when i should be sleeping. i need to retrain my body too

Avital said...

I've read a few times that there's research clearly showing that your body's best, most regenerative and restorative sleep occurs before midnight. I think about this every time I go to bed at 1 am. Which happens multiple times per week. Like tonight.

LeAnna et David said...

melatonin? Although you've probably tried that and everything else.

I can't help. Like John, I've inherited the Wiebe talent for sleeping.

Tara said...

I fixed the link above!

Also - I have thought about trying to sleep before midnight except that's my only awake time! Plus it's not very conducive to life...However this summer while we're away I think we'll try going to bed by 10 each night and see what differnce that makes.

And I've tried melatonin - the problem is i always forget to take it...yikes.

And I sleep pretty well...i just always feel tired

Marisa Ducklow is a... said...

Try having babies. Then you feel so tired that you think you might die. That way when you go back to normal tired it tricks your brain into thinking you're not too tired after all! The biggest problem is that then you are left with babies to take care of... and there is no guarantee that you will get the kind that never sleep, so maybe in the meantime try coffee! Or the going to bed early thing which I agree is not conductive to life. Or wait maybe try a new time zone!! I always feel awake at night and tired in the morning too... I will move with you!

Marisa Ducklow is a... said...

I don't like that our strongest drive for sleep occurs just before we wake up.. how unfair!

Tara said...

Yes...just another reason to add to my terror of having children. I hate pain, I already pee constantly, I never feel rested and I already have a bad back that flares up....having children sounds like it's going to be pretty painful!

LeAnna et David said...

I think it depends on the child, the way you are able to manage things, and whom you talk to. Meaning it's a gamble--then again I think the good things in life almost always are.


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