Thursday, May 24, 2012

Of countdowns, bike riding and thai curry

Count down to:
Paul’s return: 4 days
Our big departure: 7 ½ days
Church Services & Lifegroup remaining: 1!
So weird to think it will be September before I’m at church or Lifegroup again.

Left to do:
Resort through clothes packed for Nashville and purge once more
Take clothes for donation to donation center
Sort through and purge freezer
Talk to Rogers about what to do with our phones for the summer
BCAA – renew membership up in July and extend medical coverage through summer
Defrost Freezer
Clean house to subletting standards
Pack Camping gear
Plan & Make Travel food

I’m sure there’s more but man, with so much on my mind I can’t remember currently.

It has been such a blessing to still be riding my bike. The views in Vancouver are gorgeous, the weight loss from the exercise is still happening (another pound, yippee!) and commuting on your bike is free. It is win win win.

Every morning as I bike I am faced with gorgeous moments, or scenes. I always wish I could pull over and take a picture…but it would look like all the other pictures I’ve already posted of this gorgeous city. And you wouldn’t feel the sun on my face or the wind in my helmet…so you will just have to get your bike out and ride from the top of Queen E, down Cambie and over the Cambie Street Bridge into downtown and then you will experience a simply lovely commute.

Also…today my boss bought me lunch. Possibly because I’m leaving in a week and she will miss me and possibly just because she is lovely. I’m not certain on which it is. But both are possible for sure.

Thai yellow chicken curry.
Soooo good.

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