Friday, May 18, 2012


This post mostly relates to my sister.

First from her bday lunch.
We met at the Cactus Club at the base of my building and it was lovely.
I forgot to get a shot of all the ladies together, so there is no photo proof that Leah and Loreili were there, but I swear they were. And it was awesome.

My lovely sister and I. May 2012, 27 & 29

Jenna and Morgan

I love when my sister has a birthday.
Because I LOVE all of her friends.
So it's like it's a birthday for me too.
It rocks.

Fish Tacos!
I've never had them before...and kept "craving" them.

Soooo good looking

Jenna's super tall Rocket Salad

Morgan's Salmon Burger

My summer Sangria

And my Wor Won Ton Soup.
Sooo good.

This past week my sister asked me to come babysit her kids for an hour while they picked up furniture.
I love her kids so this was an easy "yes"
AND now that they live in a new big house, with a huge sunny backyard....and my sister cooked me dinner -
well really it was a big old win.

They kept themselves occupied...
they cuddled...
it was the best scenario for babysitting ever.

I met up with Laura for lunch on Wednesday.
I made myself an Iced Vanilla Latte.
It was good.
This is my straw face.

We got our anniversary and birthday cards from Nancy.
She always picks the cutest cards!
And now we get to stay somewhere awesome for our wedding anniversary - thanks Nancy!

The other day on my drive home I stopped for air (and groaning) at the top of "pain hill" (as I call it).
The sights helps heal the pain.

So I put an ad on craigslist yesterday to try and sublet our place...thus far I've had almost 10 responses.
I picked the first 4 people and set appointments with them.
I had two last night.

I didn't know that though yesterday morning when I left my house.
Thankfully I'd tidied it for the girls night but it still needed some work to be showing ready.
I hauled butt home on my bike (record time!) and cleaned the crap out of our place.
It looks all shiny and glowy to me. case you wondered.
Yes I did wear clothes this week.
And I rocked them.

I spent most of my life feeling this way about math.

May Photo A Day:

What you're Reading
And let me just say...

"Reshaping it all" by Candace Cameron Bure is a must read for anyone trying to love Jesus and lose weight. Amazing.

I am about to start "Lies Women Believe" by Nancy Demoss and I can't wait! I read the first chapter on the skytrain yesterday and almost bawled openly at God's love for us and how deceived we can be.

"A Praying Life" by Paul Miller was recommended to me by my Auntie Sandy and thus far I'm hooked.
Hence why I'm reading so many books at once.
On all of them.

Really any of the books you see on my kindle are awesome.
I will often open them up to get a glimmer of life giving words.
Though I'll admit I also have some Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey, Danielle Steel and Jill Mansell on there....for the fun times.


Something you made

And there you have it.
My "recent" in pictures.

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