Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Work Day

Last night was a RAD Party.
Seriously RAD.

25 women.
25 very LOUD women.
One small house.
MANY many plates of food.

New friends.
Old friends.
Facebook is alive with the chatter of these ladies.
Love it.

And now....
a day spent with Laura
We will clean my house together
(that's a good friend)
Deep cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen?

At least it's done in good company right?

This morning I pulled all my clothes out of the bedroom
They are on the couches waiting to be sorted.
Everything has to be in one of three piles

1. Nashville (3 month trip)
2. Pack (away for subletters)
3. Donate (obvious)

Tonight while we watch tv I will ruthlussly sort my clothes.
I will donate more than I thought possible
I will pack lighter than I thought possible.
And I will conquer my clothes.
Once and for all.

Or at least until I buy more.

The stash remaining in the bedroom
Clothes dug out of boxes and my sweater drawers.

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