Tuesday, May 29, 2012

eight 1/2 and work post it note fun

Last night was my last evening as a “single” lady.
I joined my lovely friend Sarah for dinner at eight ½.
We had a lovely time.

She also introduced me to Mickey’s - a beer she had mentioned many times before.
It comes from the Kootenays and each bottle has a riddle under the cap.
It’s a family tradition for her
I gladly joined in.

Can you tell what they are?
“Don’t pick your nose”
“Don’t break the seal”

Then I headed home, grabbed some groceries and worked around the house in anticipation of Paul’s return.
I cooked bacon, cleaned things and prepped vegetables.

Then I got the call – paul was an hour away and I could head to Surrey to grab him.
I called Katie to come over and we headed out that way together.
It was great to see my sweetest love again.

And as a welcome home gift the toilet stopped working.
Fun times.
Thanks toilet

But my husband is awesome and he figured out how to fix it.
Yay husband!
Well, by fix it I mean he figured out how to bend a hanger so that you can use it to reach in the back and manually flush the toilet.
This was a temporary fix until our landlords could get there.

This morning was my third last day of work and my last full day of work. I have been training the lovely Irene Chibota.
You probably remember the last time she was here – she was stabbed and bandaged.
Today was much less dangerous.

Over the past two days I’ve filled her head with much knowledge.
I’m sure she will be eternally grateful for the lifegiving things I’ve been teaching her….

Like: copying, ordering supplies, dictating scribbles, and ordering sandwiches.
Also: making coffee, emptying the dishwasher and organizing travel arrangements.
Extremely life changing stuff, I’m sure.

Especially today’s final task: decipher scribbled thoughts from large post it notes based off of a meeting brainstorming session.
It was especially exciting.

And now, when work is over, I'll head home to finish dinner for our Lifegroup.
Curtesy of our deep freezer, the menu is:
The meat:
Beef Skewers
Shrimp Skewers
Chicken Skewers
The 3 P's of carbs:
Pasta (stuffed with cheese)
And I made veggie kabobs as well so we don't die from meaty, carby foods
It should be lovely.
Oh and to brag about my AMAZING husband.
I gave him a to-do list to do over the next three days.
I gave it to him this morning.
8 out of 10 things are already done.
That man rocks.

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