Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Picture a Day Catch up 25 - 9

25. Looking Down

26. Black and White 
I love this black and white scarf.
You'll notice I wear it often.

27. Somewhere you went 
I went to Crescent Beach this weekend in White Rock

29. Circle

30. Something that makes you sad
Boring floor warden training.
For sure.
On my birthday!

1. Peace
Water, fresh air and early morning.
2. Skyline
Vancouver's skyline approaching

3. Something you wore today

4. Fun!
Story telling.
6. You

7. Someone that inspires you
She is amazing.
Details to follow in upcoming post.

8. A smell you adore
Homecooked food.
Especially when made with love.

9. Something you do every day
I eat a salad at my desk.
Every day.

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