Monday, May 21, 2012

Nelson/Kaslo Trip

Warning: this is a very picture heavy post.

Last weekend I went with my dear friend Jodi to Neslon, BC.
We were heading the 9 hour drive to help our dear friend Sarah with her sister, Michelle's wedding.
Also Paul is working away in Kaslo (45 minutes away) so it was a win win. 

The drive went faster than expected and the views were wicked awesome.
And we only made 4 stops - timmies x2, gas & DQ

Friday we got up early to make pompoms and run errands with Sarah. 
We did some set up at the hall and worked to figure out how to hide the carpeted walls and cloud ceiling mural. 
Yes. For real.

Ready to view the hall and keep on working!

Paul joined us late that night.
I woke up early and made breakfast for everyone

Saturday was filled with more wedding prep, more gorgeous views, another subway run, and then the wedding itself!

The Hall

With cloud mural


Friends. So glad to help this lovely lady out!

Then we headed to the reception where we were the dj's, bartenders and general clean up crew.
Busy night but lots of fun.


Such power.

And onto the bartending.

I love a well stocked fridge.

Red Solo Cup!
I fill you up!
Lets have a party!

Paul and Jodi - 2 of the 3 team awesome members.

Paul and me - the rest of the team.
From our bartending station

Sunday I woke up in Kaslo with Paul.
Breakfast and coffee on the porch facing the lake.

Then I headed back to Nelson to get Jodi.
Thus began the 8 hour journey back. 
With many more breathtaking views.

Gorgeous again.

Add those views with:
> a sweet reunion with my lovely husband
> a catch up with old friends at a cozy bar
> an opportunity to bless the socks off one lovely lady 
(Sarah's that's you!)
> 14+ hours of amazing conversation with Jodi
(thus cementing our friendship and drawing us so much closer - and teaching us that we both love moody music)
> two new scarves!

Pretty sweet weekend. 
For real.

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