Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Today is my birthday

Today is my birthday

Shouldn't I feel older?
I still feel about 25.
It was a complete shock to me the other day when someone mentioned that I was in my late 20's.
I'm mid 20's, I swear. Like what?
It's not that I mind getting older.
I just can't compute!

Today is my birthday
I have received so much love.
Flowers from the Chibota's
(along side anniversary flowers from Paul)

A gift snuck into my house from Jenna
Emails and texts with heartfelt messages of love, support and encouragement.
Many generic FB Happy Birthdays but also a few deeply touching, thought out messages of love.

Today is my birthday.
I am reminded that I am liked and loved.
I am reminded that God speaks through others to shower me with His love.
I am reminded that GOd says I am His Joy,
that he likes and loves me
and that he takes delight in me.

Today is my birthday.
I learned about CPR, First Aid & Earthquake preparedness.
I practiced wrapping wounds.
I stabbed Irene with a fake knife

I sat bored through a floor warden training session.

Today is my birthday
I went to Starbucks with Irene for my free drink
Iced Chai latte with non fat milk.
I went to Timmies with my bday gift card
Steeped Tea w. milk and splenda
I ate my lunch at my desk - salad!
I have avoided drinking an energy drink - win!
I will eat Ham, Tortellini & Roasted Veggies for dinner
I will take a healthy, small amount.

Today is my birthday
I biked to work in the sun

I could have removed my jacket it was so warm.
I will bike home in my tshirt and listen to worship music.
I will listen to fun music while I cook dinner.
I will drink sangria while I get ready.
I will Skype with one of my besties, Stefany, at 6:30
I will go to sleep by 10pm - that is my promise to tomorrow's me

Today is my birthday.
It is sunny and warm.
Again, look!

I feel cute.
I had a friend to take my daily outfit picture - win!
Again, look!

Today is my birthday
I am 29
I am loved
I am happy
I have a purpose and a destiny
I am excited for the future and the things God has for me

Today is my birthday
I can't wait to be 30
I can't wait to hae kids
I can't wait to see my husband
I can't wait to watch my nephews grow up
I can't wait to be 40
I can't wait to be married to Paul for the rest of my life.

Today is my birthday
Every year gets better
I am loving it
Thank you Jesus

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