Friday, November 25, 2016

Pretty Bathroom Organization

One thing that's been true abut me forever is that I keep pretty things clean, and I get overwhelmed in clutter. Before we moved my ensuite was fairly organized but not overly pretty. It was enough to keep me from getting overwhelmed but definitely didn't make my heart sing in any way. I was excited when we moved to our new place because the bathroom is way bigger and not only has a nice large vanity, but also a nice big cabinet to store stuff. I have been able to place some things out on the counter but leave most in the cabinet. The lack of clutter on the counter top has been great for my sanity - and for our marriage. Paul likes things tidy. Not pretty, just tidy. We had people who helped us unpack when we moved in, so the bathroom things were in the cabinet but they weren't organized and they definitely weren't pretty. This weekend Paul was away hunting so Saturday night once Avie (and her cousins, who were here for a sleepover) were asleep, I tackled the space!

First, I cleared it out. Then I wiped it down and organized all my items on the floor into types and PURGED. Once that was done it was time to start making things pretty.

I have tons of wrapping paper so I went and picked the girliest floral wrap with hints of gold (love). I measured and cut and then used double sided tape to stick the paper to the back of the wall. I loved how it immediately made the space feminine and special.

I also took a trip with Avie to Bellingham. We hit up the Postal Center, Costco, Trader Joes AND the kids' consignment store. But my heart was really captivated by our TJ Maxx stop. I was looking for pretty and useful containers. I had great success. I found a perfect dish to hold my pendants (that I string onto necklaces, depending on what I want to wear), a lovely marble dish (I loved the idea of the strength of marble, against the floral background) and a great little jewelry box (that I won't use to store valuable jewelry, since I don't have any, but I will hide random crap in it!).  I'd also bought a gorgeous Antler stand to hang things on a few months ago when I started dreaming about this space. Then I looked around the house for other things that I had - the cake stand I used in the last bathroom, a tiered stand that I used in my last kitchen but doesn't have a home here, a fun turquoise box I'd bought for our women's retreat, and a plastic container that I'd been using in Avie's room but no longer needed there.

After I had things generally corralled and in place, it was time to make storage for my necklaces. I had a 24 pack of command strip hangers that I'd grabbed at Costco a while back and a plan was set! I spaced out 9 hangers on both sides and then slowly hung my necklaces by type. Eventually, I found two big wide necklaces that I realized would look best hung on the back wall. I knew I couldn't hang much there because it would be held up by the paper, rather than the actual wall, but I figured I could get away with just two. I reinforced the back of it with more double sided tape (paper to wall) and then placed them. I loved the way it looked!

And there you have it. It's pretty. It's organized. And I've gone into the bathroom to look at it approximately 1000 times in the past days. Also, it took me a month to "edit" these terrible photos. I can happily report that this system has stayed in place perfectly, continued to bring me great joy and looks better in person.
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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dressing Bump #2, Weeks 33-36

Lately my body has been more sore than usual, so getting dressed is an interesting mix of fun and tiring. I still find that I feel better overall if I look pulled together, but days of sweatpants and comfy clothes are also very appealing! I've also been working more from home, trying to get ahead on my work so that I can take a month off when baby comes - those days I'm looking for an outfit that is comfy and just the right temperature (not too hot, or too cold) but also pulled together enough that I don't feel like I'm lazing around the house. If I wear sloppy clothes then I don't feel like working, so I need to be a bit pulled together. AND in all of this I was away on a girls trip to Victoria with some lovely women (and my also super preggo sister) so I wanted to look nice while I was away.

Comparing bumps


Lunch with Nana and Auntie Lesley

Fan Tan Alley with Lydia and Dina

Last pregnancy, at this time, Avie's room was totally ready, I was done work for the year AND I had a pretty chill schedule. This time I'm working hard to get ahead on work, I'm still pulling the room together (though if baby came tomorrow, we'd basically be able to make it work - Avie's floor bed doesn't need to be ready until new baby is a couple months old) and I'm spending my days looking after a toddler / doing more with Paul on jury duty and trying to keep up with life. I need to remember to make more time to slow down.

1. Ripped black skinnies, maternity T + jean jacket. Easy. 2. Wrap dress, non maternity. 3. Slouchy sweater (that I only like when I'm pregnant, from the Latest Scoop). 4. Favorite maroon skinnies, ankle boots that still fit, plain white T, and denim shirt. 5. Black skinnies, grey T and button up with vest. 6. Skinnies, rain boots, Jessica Simpson maternity top and cacoon cardi.
1. Slouchy sweater with skinnies and boots. 2 / 3. Stripes, skinnies and pendant necklace. 4. Comfy skinny sweats and a black t. 5. Black T and skinnies with pendant necklace. 

Work is an interesting thing - I never thought I'd be someone that chose to work during what could have been maternity leave. In Canada, we are so lucky to have a year off of work - paid (at 55% of your wage, roughly). I have paid in to this system my whole working life and always intended to take full advantage of it. Then I started a job that was basically my dream job. I work as the Operations Manager for my church and I love it. I over see the finances, and manage all the administration. I also get to prioritize relationships with people that I love - and work closely with a group of people who already had my heart. [I've written about my love affair with the church here] On top of that it would be a lot of work to train someone to do my job when I'm barely just learning to understand it all. This is a new position created with me in mind, so it's tricky to think of handing it off for a time - and thankfully I don't really have to. Paul will be taking 3 months of Paternity leave (his company tops up the government contribution, giving him 85% of his wage) to take over house and baby/kid stuff so that I can focus on feeding the newborn, sleeping and working. He'll be on Avie duty, house duty and other new baby duty once she's fed. We'll both get some naps in and keep everything ticking along. It's also amazing the timing of this baby - mid to late December would have already been slow times for work so it's easy to step out basically totally for those two weeks, and I'm working on prepping everything now for early January so that I can be pretty low key in my involvement for that time period also. Extra work now, for a sweet payoff then. I should be able to make a whole month of time for new baby. I'm really curious to see how this all plays out for us but so far it seems like it's going to work well. I'm thankful for such a supportive husband who is totally into this - especially since he really values my job. It's the first job I've ever had that has been a perfect fit. It is a job that thrills my heart and plays to my strengths and gives me victory in my day to day life. I love it. What a feeling! I'll let you know how this whole things plays out though - it's definitely going to be different than our day to day right now. We've never both been home for an extended time.

Avie as a lady bug and me as Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball

 My cute girl

Smiles at breaky!

While Jenna and I were in Victoria, our husbands took our kids to the Oregon Coast. This made for some amazing photos. See proof below:

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

When the government steals your husband, and other thoughts on Jury Duty

Currently, Paul is on Day 10 of sequestered Jury Deliberations. Since mid/end of September he's been serving on a Jury - they thought it would be a 6 week trial (turned out to be 8) before deliberations. What I'd never heard mentioned before (or during the selection process, when they asked if there was any reason you couldn't serve on a jury) was that during deliberations Jury's in BC are sequestered - meaning they stay in a hotel downtown with no contact with the outside world until a decision is made. In theory, this doesn't sound terrible. Their meals are covered and it keeps them from being distracted. They are in deliberations from 9am until 10pm each night, aside from when they eat, so they are working hard. The reality is far from ideal though, at least from the 'left behind' spouses perspective.

10 days (and 1 hour) ago I dropped Paul off at the Courthouse downtown. He kissed me on the cheek and was gone. Starting that night, sometime between 8:30pm and 11pm, I get a daily phone call from the Sheriff who reads me a handwritten note from Paul. After two days I finally realized I should ask if I could send a note back (since no one had offered to take a message) and they said I could. It has to be brief and vague (so as not to distract him). It's hella awkward dictating a message to Paul through a sheriff. I sometimes get a call in the morning or afternoon with another message from Paul - but that is less certain. That is the full extent of my 'contact' with Paul. Considering we are in love and actually like each other and normally see each other each night, as well as talk throughout the day, this is a huge shocker to the system.

Here's where I am currently emotionally: I am 37.3 weeks pregnant. My due date just over 2 weeks away - I am having Braxton Hicks contractions regularly and am dealing with pregnancy insomnia and general end of pregnancy tiredness. I am working 35ish hours a week (rather than my normal 17-25) so that I can get ahead before baby comes, so I can enjoy a month without having to think about work too much. We have 4 students that live with us (dinners, lunches, shopping, cleaning, etc). I have a 19 month old. And now, the government has taken away my husband - so there are all of his chores to add to the plate (garbage, recycling, baby help, dishes, cleaning, etc) - as well as keeping his work and volunteer places up to date on his unavailability (and stepping in where we hadn't expected - ie he's leading a men's retreat for 35 men this coming weekend, we don't know if he'll be out and in the meantime I've needed to step in and do the final registration stuff, and liaise with the camp on his behalf so nothing is missed). Lack of communication aside, this is made worse by the fact that there is no assurance of when this might end. Of course - because it's a jury deliberation - no one knows.

I know they would let him out if I go into labour, but we weren't exactly going to be spending this time just sitting here waiting for baby. We still had a bed to make for the nursery, and things to try to get ahead on (which I've had to give up on) - and other last minute things to do before baby, that now I'm trying to do on my own. Currently, I'm about to go visit Pauls grandpa (when I should be working) to drop off lumber (that I had to spend time buying when I should have been working), to get him to complete the bed project that Paul would have completed. This adds to my already very full plate. I'm thankful that family can step in, but it would be better if they didn't have to!

Continued at 10:30pm. 

This morning I dropped more clothes off for Paul. This is the third time I've gone in with clothes for him. This time they were very specific, no leaving notes for him or adding anything to the bag he didn't specifically request through sheriff message - no contact, no love. So hard. I haven't spoken to or seen or hugged my husband in 10 days and I can't even send him a little love. I was in the same building as him and I couldn't see him. Normally getting to go there feels like connection - like I'm closer to him but today it was just hard. As I walked over to Tim Hortons (steeped tea usually cheers me up no matter what) I could hardly stop myself crying - I ordered and tried to remain composed. But I'm hella pregnant and I miss my husband and I don't know when I'll see him again and he's somewhere within a block of me and I can't see him. It's infuriating. I called a girlfriend in South Africa and she managed to cheer me up by being lovely but I'm just so done with this.

Last night when the sheriff called, I asked him how Paul seemed. He said that Paul seemed to be in good spirits. Pregnancy insomnia kept me up and then I started to think darker thoughts - that Paul was glad to be away, that Paul didn't miss's amazing how stupid our brains can be. I know that this isn't true. I know Paul loves me and misses me (and Avie). He may be able to put that missing aside to focus on what he's doing but that won't change that he does miss us. Tonight I met with some girlfriends for our small group - we shared about life and relationships and how we were doing with God. I shared some of these lies I was believing and knew that by confessing the lies they would lose power, and would force me to turn to God for truth. Then I got the daily call from the Sheriff. Thankfully, tonight Paul said that he loved and missed us, and he specifically took a moment to pass on to me that he's so thankful to have a loving and supportive wife, and that he loves me tons. I felt loved and covered by God, and thankful that Paul took a moment to say that.

Now, I wanted to send a message back to him. I'm allowed to say some things and not allowed to say others. One of the weirdest parts of all this is that there are no guidelines or information given to the families of the jurors on what we can or can not do. Not even an email or a pamphlet. So I start to send a message back and the sheriff says, "no, you can't say that". Um ok. She says, you can just tell him that you're fine and you love him. So, what is the point? She could just give him the same message from me every day, if that's all I'm allowed to say. Besides, I'm obviously not going to tell Paul the truth - that I feel like I'm going insane in this process. That I cry multiple times a day. That I miss him so badly I want to scream. (I get it, these are over emotions, but keep in mind, I'm super pregnant). Even if they would pass on that message (which they wouldn't for fear it would distract him), I wouldn't ask them to, because I too care about not distracting him. I care about him and want him to feel like he can focus on what he is doing, and not worry about me at home. So I will keep passing on the message that "everyone at home is great, we're all sleeping well, people are supportive and loving, and not to worry about us, that we love him and are proud of him". Because, really, what else would I say? Those things are mostly true too - we are sleeping decently, Avie is being sweet and amazing for a toddler, our friends and family and church are being amazingly loving and supportive and it's true, we do love him and are so proud of him. It's just not the whole picture.

I'm amazed at this situation. Most people I talk to have no idea this is how deliberations work in Canada - I sure didn't. Most people are now even more turned off by the idea of serving on a jury. This leads me to wonder at the system; do they really have such a large pool of jurors that they aren't concerned that in moments like this they are creating large groups of people who will now try to get out of jury duty in the future? Many of our friends or family liked the idea of jury duty until our experience and now most of them say if they are ever summoned they will try to be excused. So the question remains; do they actually have such an excess of jurors that they can afford to be vague and no give information, and set up a system that most people would try to avoid? Because it's not just about me and Paul - it's our social sphere. Then it's the other 11 jurors, their families and their social spheres. That is a wide influence of people who are caught in this situation and who are most likely struggling with the reality of it.

There is a silver lining though, to the lack of information. They didn't tell me I couldn't blog about it, because they didn't tell me anything. So win. Here I am - venting it out. It helps to write. It relieves some of the pressure.

And I'll tell you some more silver linings, because I should. Our friends and family have stepped up to help us in amazing ways - people are so supportive and loving and kind. People have helped and brought food and looked after Avie and cared for me. Tonight I was tidying the house since it had gotten a bit crazy over the last few days and while I was doing that one of my students came home, saw the huge mess in the kitchen, told me not to help her, and then cleaned it all herself. So amazing. Tonight I will go to bed with a fully tidy house. My room is also clean,  and our fridge is full of food.

Our friends, church, and family have been calling, texting, emailing with constant messages of love and support, and have been praying for Paul as well as me and Avie. I have been in constant contact with members of my family and Paul's family - this is something that has drawn me deeper in relationships and has allowed me opportunities to look at the reality of my own needs and be honest about them. I have felt well loved in that place.

Tomorrow dawns Day 11 - I'm spending the morning with my Mom, Avie and Xiao (my Dad is in Jamaica) so Xiao is joining me to help with Mom. Then we'll head off to the doctors for my weekly check in (Xiao will get to hear the heartbeat with me). I'll probably drive past the courthouse more times than necessary, even though it's not exactly on the way, in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Paul somehow. I will miss Paul and I will be fine. Both will be true. And now - it's time for bed. Sleep heals many frustrations - and restores my heart.
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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

From 1 to 2: Planning the kids room

In our last home I got to create a Nursery that I loved dearly for Avelynn. It fit my dreams and realities. I dreamed about it, friends and family helped me pull it together, and then Avie lived in it. And it was perfect. I wrote about my plans and the execution of them; here, here and here.

Then we moved. And technically, the perfect nursery came with us - but I haven't had the heart to put it all back together. I was overwhelmed to put back up her pouf feature without my besties (who had since moved to South Africa and France) or the gallery wall without the family that had helped put it together. Putting it together was one of the best decorating experiences I've ever had - honestly, I loved it. Packing up her room was super hard for me - which was a bit of a surprise. I mean, it shouldn't be that big of a deal, right? It's just a room. But somehow it was. And now I keep stalling. We've been here since May 31st, and it's the end of October now. 

But what's true about me is that I keep a room cleanest when it's organized and pretty. I find parenting easier when everything has a home, a place. AND I have a newborn coming in less than 2 months. It is time to conquer my fears or laziness or whatever it is and just start. Avie was away with her Grandpa and Grandma (Paul's side) so we could enjoy a parenting seminar and some time together - we had a few hours to spare so we started on the room! We brought up the newborn clothes and sorted them into drawers, and organized Avie's clothes. Now one side of the dresser is all Avie, and the other side is all baby girl #2 (such a personalized name, right?); Size 3 and 4 diapers on the left, newborn diapers on the right (how will we have a baby that small?? Those things are tiny). The room is pretty and organized now - all I need to do is decide what to do with the poufs (I have some ideas), put up the gallery wall (I loved having it and can probably do it with some help) and complete my closet dreaming (which I'll tell you about). 

Avie is in slightly bigger room now (with an ensuite!) and a deep closet. Currently, Avie sleeps in the crib (on the lowest level). We only have the one bedroom, and so the two kids will be sharing a room. To start, Baby #2 will be in our room in a bassinet for the first couple months, then she'll move into the kids room. Around that point, we'll move Avie out of the crib onto a floor bed, and move Baby #2 into the crib. AND Avie's floor bed will be made in the closet! Basically, I have seen some images for floor beds and teepee's, as well as kid pillows and twinkle lights - and I was hooked. 

First, I read about the benefits of floor beds

Second, I started looking at pictures of floor beds, tents, and bed filled with kids pillows. There were lots. Here are a few highlights:

Sweet floor bed with house frame! and mini doll bed! And stars on the walls!

Clara's Bedroom - Sweet & Simple Bed Canopy

Floor bed with tenting and pillows! The trifecta.

This final picture is my biggest dreaming point. It just makes me happy. The only problem is that there isn't the space in the girls room to put another bed, floor or otherwise. We already have a spare bed there for when Gram comes to stay. So we needed to look at alternatives. The closet seemed like an ideal spot. Deep and cozy. We were originally going to put a crib in there for Baby #2 but realized we could make a sweet spot for Avie instead. Here's where my dreams take off. 

We will be making a short (6 inch?) platform to put her bed on so it's slightly raised (that way we can fit a few things under it, like some books for Avie. Then we will be laying out a foam bed, topped with a fitted sheet and fun pillow, with draped material (and probably some fun garland) hanging from the upper shelf. There will be poufs and some twinkle lights. 

This is where we are so far with her closet - the platform isn't made, but the foam is to size and the crib sheet fits. Avie likes to crawl in and lay down - that's a good sign! #shehasnoidea #shejustlikessmallspaces

Finally, some of my excitement is back - I think once it really starts coming together my excitement will kick into high gear - the vision just needs to start being reality, and I suspect I will flip out. So I'm starting with her closet, as I assume that will get me pumped enough on the room to move to the Gallery wall. We've already got the foam cut for the bed, and a fitted sheet for it - it's sitting in the space and I can feel the flickers of excitement in my heart. Now, writing about it, I am again feeling that joy. I'll keep you updated on the progress! My goal is to have this done by mid November - a month before my due date (same timeline as Avie's room was ready before her due date!). 

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dressing Bump 2: Weeks 29-33

I keep forgetting to take outfit pictures. Our last house had great full length mirrors and at work we had a full length mirror. In our new house, there aren't many full length mirrors and those that exist are awkwardly placed for photos. I'm trying to get better at documenting my maternity style, because I actually love looking back at my old photos to help get ideas for now. So this is my attempt - but also explains why there has been a month since I last posted but only have a few pictures to show for it!

Basically, my maternity style is somewhat similar to my regular style except for one major glaring difference - when I'm not pregnant I favor loose fitting t shirts that flow over my mid section, but when I'm pregnant I get to wear tighter t shirts - I like highlighting the baby bump. I know some people like to continue to wear flowy shirts once pregnant (my sister is one of those people) but I so rarely get to highlight my belly, so I love the chance. Plus I just like the look.

It's fall, so my "uniform" is booties, skinnies with a roll cuff, maternity t-shirt, warm layer (button up, sweater or cardigan), and a vest or denim jacket. It's easy and makes me feel great. One of my favorite things to wear when pregnant is the black sweatshirt in the middle photo (my twins photo with Avie). It has a nice cowl neck and wears more like a nice shirt, but feels like a hoodie. I have it in grey and black and it's definitely my go to, especially as it looks great under a vest.

My other go to outfit is loungewear that looks pulled together. Since I started understanding what looks good on my body and how to look pulled together, I haven't been able to go back to wearing baggy ill-fitting clothes. I spent years like that and now I just can't. So when I want to wear sweats or something super comfy, I've been so thankful to find that loungewear has kept up with the trends. I have a few pairs of sweatpants that are comfy but also pulled together - skinny joggers, sweats with some style, etc. And this is the one time I will also wear leggings with a baggier t shirt - my #thesnuggleisreal t shirt goes perfectly over leggings, when I want to be comfortable but still look nice for around the house.

Oh! The other time I'm ok with loose is with a dress - a dress with boots or booties or heels? I like dresses for church - unless I feel lazy, then I go for nice jeans.

And there you have it - ground breaking moments from my closet :)
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Monday, October 24, 2016

Meal Plan Monday, October 24th

I'm trying to get back into Meal Planning. Every week I used to post my meals for the week, and then review the meals from the previous week. I found that posting about it helped keep me accountable to my meal plan (and helped me when I was making meal plans in the future, to remember what we'd like and what we didn't like, or what was too tricky to make on a week day, or just right). I started slowing down sometime a couple years ago and never picked up on it. I've still kept some meal planning going but once I was on Mat leave I found that I really let that go, since I was more able to wing it. But that meant I started facing the problem so many people face; not knowing what to cook, not planning well for the meals, and therefore, spending more on groceries than I needed to. So my goal is to get back into it!

I've switched my system slightly from before. I wrote a post about my old meal planning system here. This system worked perfectly when I was at an office for most of the day - I needed something that was held in the cloud, rather than a concrete place, so that I could access it from anywhere (work or home or the grocery store). I used this system for over two years, and actually, used it during the beginning stages of having a newborn when it was often easier to look things up on my phone (while breastfeeding, etc) than write things out. When we had a new little baby, I could also enter into the calendar in the meal space if someone was bringing a meal and what they would be bringing (and when they would be bringing it), which was really helpful to keep that space clear.

But I find that I have naturally switched my planning since working from home and being on the go so much. I always have my planner with my and I like having the meals there. I also still have my whole calendar online; there's something about having everything twice (once online and once written) that helps keep me extra organized. So now my menu planning is mostly done during times where I'm mostly occupied but have spare brain cells that need focusing to help keep me organized (watching TV or a movie, sitting in a meeting or church, etc). I've learned with my ADD that I focus more if I can keep a small portion of my brain active doing something.

I keep a list of meals I like making or want to try (similar to my system before) written on flags on the front inside of my planner. Then I look at what I need on a particular day (ie. we have guests coming over who don't eat red meat and I'll have a bit of time to make something nice - so I'll pick a nicer meal that's more involved and is a chicken or fish dish, or we have meetings that evening and I'm working most of the day, so I'll do an easy crockpot meal) and place a meal flag on that day. It's simple, takes less than 5 minutes and I have the whole week planned. Because we have a house full of students, I'll often write out the list on a little meal planner I found at a cute little stationary store, and put that up on the fridge. It lists who will be home and who will be out, as well as what we'll eat.

It's a simpler and more complicated system, in different ways. But it's working for me, and so there you go. I'm excited to really get back to Menu Planning more though - you guys can be my accountability!

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 

Tonight we have a family coming over for dinner that we haven't spent any time with. Paul and I met the husband at our old street's block party - this family moved there a month after we moved out. We liked the husband right away, so we had invited them to come over once his wife and kid had joined him in Vancouver. It's always a little nerve wracking having a new family over (who knows how we'll click!) but also just exciting enough that I keep trying (so often it goes way better than expected and is just pure joy).

TuesdayIndonesian Chicken with Peanut Sauce, Rice & Veggies
We have friends coming over for dinner - they are always happy to eat anything but are both Philipino (he's 1/4 and she's full) so I thought making rice for them was loving :) This is one of my favorite recipes and I'll be honest, I don't follow the recipe I linked to above - I use an Indonesian Satay Package for the chicken, and then a jar of peanut sauce (and I add more peanut butter to it). Easy and super tasty.

WednesdayThai Coconut Chicken Curry Soup (recipe from Paul's cousin Janice)
Janice brought this soup over a week after Avie was born. It was so amazingly tasty, and she said it was easy! I've made it a bunch of times since - though it's never quite as good as when she makes it. My goal is to go over to her place and watch her make it, then I can write about it here. Because man, it's good. 

Wednesdays are my long day - Paul volunteers downtown as a chaplain at the Salvation Army Belkin House. I love that he does this - and he loves doing it - but it also means he goes there straight after work and isn't home until after Avie goes to bed. So dinner, cleanup and bedtime are up to me. I try to make easy meals that are easy to clean as well. Plus somehow we don't end up having many students home Wednesdays - but the week I don't plan a meal for a Wednesday assuming they will all be out, will inevitably be the week they are all home. So I always make up a meal, and then use any leftovers for lunches. Which is a win win. 

Thursday I have a phone call with a dear friend at 4:30, and then am meeting with two of my best girlfriends for our bi-weekly discipleship group at 8pm, so I try to make something easy and simple. Everyone in my house loves breakfast for dinner, and when I've made this dish it's been super popular every time (even when I've waaay over cooked the eggs). 

Friday: Costco Dry Ribs with potatoes and veggies
Paul will be hunting all weekend so I can make these Dry Ribs that he doesn't usually love but are a house favorite. I am hoping to have a girlfriend over for dinner, so it doesn't feel so lonely with Paul away. I guess I should invite someone soon, or it won't happen, haha.

Saturday/Sunday: YOYO (You're On Your Own)
Avie and I will try to keep ourselves busy all weekend and hopefully visit someone Saturday night, then church sunday is at dinner time so we normally snack a bit before and after. Our students are on their own for meals all weekend. 
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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bump 2: another little lady!

Wel, it's the middle of the night (or now the early morning hours) and I've been awake for most of the night with Avie. She just wants to play. I'm not entirely sure what to do about this anymore. She's been waking up, roughly, 5 out of 7 nights for the past 4 months and I just don't know what to do. She was a perfect sleeper before that. Then we moved and BAM. It all went to pot. So I try to be positive, I try to nap, but now that I work that's not always an option. Because of course, she stopped sleeping through the night the same month I started working. Of course. Thankfully she's cute. Even in the middle of the night. And Paul's helpful. Especially in the middle of the night. If you've got to be up at 3am, it's nice to know there's someone by your side! Plus this other smaller baby inside of me, she's definitely awake. 

Noodle Baby

Swinging is her favorite

That's right, SHE. We're having another baby girl. I'm ecstatic. Someday I would love to have boys (or, if I'm honest, I'm open to having boys - I'd love to have all girls) but I really wanted Avie to have a sister best friend, like I do. Having a sister 2 years younger than me (close enough in age that, once you become adults, it's basically like being the same age) has been such a blessing. Even when we were younger and great at fighting, I still knew I was lucky. As we've grown up and become friends and mothers and adults, it's been SUCH a blessing. I always have my best friend around. I'm always so curious if we'd be as close if we weren't sisters - would we have much in common? I like to think so, since we share many of the same friends, but who knows! Anyways. Back to the point. Paul was hoping this would be a boy since he wants to make sure we get once of each in this whole process, but we are planning to try for 4 kids (at least that's the plan now, ha!) so he's now just hoping the next is a boy, and is very happy that the girls can be friends. 

Me and my sister-best-friend (due just two weeks apart)

Edited to add. Avie is mostly sleeping through the night! We had to let her cry two nights but that only lasted 25 minutes and then went straight to sleep - she's a tired little love. The doctor recommended this and suggested we try putting her down even earlier. We'd been doing 7:30pm but moved it to 7pm, which has also made a big difference. 

Getting ready for sleep

Baby #2 - this pregnancy is pretty similar to the last one. My symptoms started sooner with this pregnancy but have been pretty similar. Heartburn - yup, Pregnancy Insomnia - yup, Restless Legs - yup, etc. One of the biggest similarities is space - or lack of it. Both Avie and Baby #2 sit the same inside of me - head down, butt up. The head is towards the bottom left of me, and the butt is towards the top right of my tummy. Or at least what I assume is the head and butt - since I know that the head is down. But I feel something pressing up on my ribs on the right. It's like when you try to push a beach ball under what but it pops up elsewhere - she shifts around into my ribs, popping up as she sees fit. Lots of movement. Lots. Feels like she's flailing her arms at times, and pumping her legs. She rolls and moves and I love the feel of it. Sometimes it's uncomfortable but mostly it's reassuring; it's like a secret conversation that her and I have. 

32 weeks, walking in Yaletown

I still love being pregnant but I can finally start to see what people mean about being ready to evict the baby. With the last one I only started to feel that way during labour. This time, I'm getting pretty sore. My body is fairly achy and everything feels so much more. I feel sore and uncomfortable. Breath can be hard to come by, my bladder is smooshed and sleep is tricky at night between Avie waking up to cry (she sleeps right away, but the cry still happens), the pregnancy insomnia that then keeps me awake, and then the movement of the baby that further keeps me up. So that's fun. If I don't get woken up at night, at least I sleep super well. So while there are only 7 weeks left, I can understand being ready for it to be over. I also embrace this time with one toddler and no newborn...for newborns change things. We embrace this time as a family - with just one little to keep us busy.

Family breakfast at Bon's

Family walk at Trout Lake

Daddy/Daughter love

5am Mom/Daughter date

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