Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tami & Sarah - two rad friends

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with two friends from Port Alberni. I grew up with both of these girls, grew up in church with them, went to High school with them...and still have such deep affection for them. It was a treat to connect.

I have known Miss Tami Doughty since we were kids. In fact Tami was usually at every one of my birthday parties growing up…and this continued well into our adult life. Tami and I are a year apart, and grew up going to different schools and lived half an hour apart but this didn’t stop our friendship!

Tami and I have both lived in Port Alberni and Nanaimo, and attended the same University. We even had a class together! And in my last year there we lived together. It was pretty great.

Tami has been a wonderful friend to me over the years – even when being friends with me wasn’t a very popular move. She makes me laugh. She is kind and generous. She is one unique and wonderful person.

I have known Sarah Wright since we were also kids, but since she was a whole two years younger than me (which is my little sisters age) I used to see her as Jenna’s friend. However I always found her to be sweet and kind. Apparently I even went to her birthday parties because she just found some sweet photographic proof. And BTW, Sarah! You should post those pics!

As we reached high school and University the friendship between us grew. By the time I moved to Vancouver for church, she’d been living at UBC for almost 4 years. We immediately rebuilt our friendship. We had the privilege of working together for three weeks and I think she is pretty awesome.

Sarah is kind and gracious. Smart, determined and very hard working. We can laugh together and go deep together. It is lovely. She is one special lady.

Over the past few years these lovely ladies have lived all around the world. Sarah was in China for 2 years, and spent part of a year in England. Tami was in Australia...and more, I think England as well. I always knew that my wonderful friendships with them would pick back up when they returned. And they always have.

Though both of them missed my wedding due to be in really cool places - I've forgiven them...only just though :p

Often when three people are friends there would be tension. Tami and Sarah have their own friendship that also grew over years – and the three of us didn’t often hang out together growing up. But it seems to work really well. This is the second time that the three of us have hung out for a day and it is so much fun. I already showed you a picture from the last time, which was 4 years ago. This time was a bit different.

Last time we were silly. We played games and ran in the streets. We took ridiculous photos and laughed.


This time we still laughed, but we added appies and wine to the mix. There was no running or jumping, but lots of sitting around the couch talking. We got to talk about real life, about the things that go on in our hearts, about friendships and relationships. Both Tami and Sarah are teachers, and teaching is a profession dear to my heart, so we had a lot to talk about there!

It was one of those perfect nights where we could have talked all night if I didn’t need to get up so early the next morning!

This is Tami and I

This is Sarah.

No this isn’t what she wore to our hang out but the only photo with her in it got lost

A perfect start: wine

No appie party is complete with Boursin and Crisps
As we learned in my party planning post :p

My "famous" guacamole.
Famous only because I mentioned it in the above post
and because people like it.

Tami's genius idea - smoked salmon, gream cheese and crackers

Candied Salmon!

Hummus for the veggies
Sarah had these awesome looking spoons.
I am a sucker for anything Zebra print.
Credit to Miss Carmen Cox for these spoons.

Then the chocolate fondue
and adorable champagne bottles.


Yup it was a pretty perfect night.

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