Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Alright – so some thoughts:

1. Heartland. Tim Flemming drives me nuts. Stop being a know-it-all! Also when Amy or Lou says no to you, listen! Don’t force them to say yes, then later when it goes poorly tell them its their fault for not saying no. UGH.

Also Heartland – I love you. I really do. Ty and Amy make me smile.

2. On the bubble or Cancelled. See here for a complete list.

This year I’m doing fairly well – only one of my shows has been cancelled (Pan Am – which I saw coming) and there are only a few on the bubble.

Those on the bubble are:
Last man Standing
Hart of Dixie

I’m most sad about GCB and Parenthood. Losing those two would make me sad for sure. I sure hope they stick around.

I’m sad for Paul’s sake about Last Man Standing and hope it stays around – that show makes him laugh like nothing else.

3. Would this be awesome or super annoying?

4. I miss being immersed in the world of the Hunger Games and want more of it all now. I wish we saw more closure with Katniss and the guy she ends up with (don’t worry, I’m keeping this spoiler free). I really like to see time together more and happiness at the end of a series. I like how JK Rowling ended things in Harry Potter. I got closure.

5. I haven’t had time to play Draw Something lately. That is a bit sad…but I’m kinda getting over that game now.

6. I LOVE GCB. That show makes me laugh. Lately I’ve had about 2 hours a week to watch TV. I have more than two hours of shows PVR’d each week…so the first thing I do is check for new GCB and that’s the first thing I’ll watch if it’s there. Then I check for Grey’s…then it’s a tossup between The Office and ANTM for mindless fluff. If Paul were here I”d watch the SNL we have PVR’d but it seems wrong to watch without him.

7. This makes me smile

8. Yup that's about it

9. May Photo A Day!

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