Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly Catch up

This week was busy.
Beautiful, yes.
But also busy.

My bike ride's into work and home were gorgeous.

Daaang Vancouver
You make it hard to hate you.

I heart this light meets city photo.

Also, I wore clothes

And I found someone to take a photo of me, not in the bathroom at work.
Win for sure!

I made breakfast for Dinner on Monday.
I sauteed up mushrooms, potatoes, Zucchini and Spinach.
Then I tossed that all into a casserole dish with some paremsan and eggs
(half eggs, half egg whites, all whisked for a moment) 
I topped the whole thing with some shredded parm and then baked it for 1 hour at 400.
So good

For my birthday my parents took me out to Monks for dinner.
You can see it there on the left.
The walk from their house to the restaurant was beautiful

We had a great time!
Such good conversation!

And the food! Spaetzle on my birthday! with steak? Awesome.

Thursday was my sisters birthday.
We had lunch with 3 of her best friends

Then I headed on a road trip and a weekend in Kaslo to help for a friends wedding
Here are a few snap shots!

Jodi and I at Manning Park

We got in at 1am, haha. Energy Drinks were needed

This is the view from the house we were staying at.

We made a lot of poofs

We were a pro team

Nelson is gorgeous

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