Thursday, May 3, 2012

T13 - Random Things

13 Random Things about me

All Things Lovely

1. I am a creature of habit. No matter where I go I will end up having one bathroom stall that I use every time. When that stall is out of order, occupied or otherwise unusable I am always thrown off a bit. Usually it is the center stall, closer to the door, on the right. Yup. That’s my usual standard.

I will admit, a part of me is excited to go to the school of ministry in Nashville again and find out if I will use the same stall I did 4 years ago.

Weirdo, right?

2. I love writing to do lists. I know I could keep an electronic list at work – and I do put reminders on outlook to, well, remind me but I love writing a list. Oh. I love it.

3. Instead of roses and chocolates I’d prefer to be brought a people magazine, salt and vinegar chips and an energy drink. True story.

Don't get me wrong though I do like flowers. I love getting flowers also.

4. I HATE flossing. But I do it. Not because I know I should but because I’m tired of the dentist getting mad at me. And I know Morgan vv will give me a hard time as well :p

It sits at my desk so I remember to floss daily.

5. I love straightening my hair. Even when it’s already straight.

6. I feel guilty every time I cross the border or talk to a police officer. I am usually not guilty. But oh do I feel it anyways.

7. In university I had a group of friends that I worked with at Fast Eddies in Nanaimo. It was actually a group of co workers but they were also my friends. Anyways. We all had nick names based off of Nacho condiments.

Sara – Salsa
Glen – Guac
Chad – Cheese
Tara – Tomatoes
Bev – Beans.
Carly – wait…what was carly? It must have been another c word since they all had to start with our first initial…hmmm...I think it was corn. Yup. Corn.

Obviously no one ever called me tomatoes. BUT Salsa, Guac, Cheese and Beans definitely stuck and for a good long time I thought of those friends by those names.

I miss those friends

8. I usually lock the bathroom door twice in public. I lock it. Then unlock it. Then lock it. That way I know it’s locked for sure. Obviously this comes from awkward experiences in my past with doors that weren’t properly locked.

9. I know that relationships evolve and that you can’t be friends forever with every friend you’ve ever had. I hate that though. I like the friends I’ve had. I want them all!

10. I drink out of the same travel mug every day. I bought it in Nashville 4 summers ago. It is perfect for sitting at a desk and it has a lid – which is good because I have spilt in on more than one occasion!

Also? Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy uses the same mug in an early episode. See? It’s awesome.

11. I never lock the door on the bathroom at home, and would prefer to not have to close the door all the way…and often don’t. I like to have the door closed mostly but not all the way.

Maybe this is due to have run out of toilet paper one to many times and knowing the important of access in and out.

12. My favorite nick names are: T, T-friend and t-mitch. They are all T related. Because that is my favorite nickname of all.

Though “Sweet Love” or “Sweetest Love” from Paul are a pretty good nicknames also.
Wait – and Colin called me Tara-way-pants for a while. And I liked that.

Least favorite nicknames?
Tar. Yuck. That’s gross black stuff.
Tawdry Vixen – thanks to Paul for that one – to be fair though he didn’t know the definitions of those words when he picked it
T-Rex – seriously? Have some imagination! And if you use that nickname you just encourage Paul and his believe that I have T Rex arms.

13. Paul says I have T Rex arms – meaning that they are proportionally short for my body. And while I want to argue, I can’t really. Because, honestly, I can’t reach very far. My arms are strangely short.

Every time I need him to reach for something he says “Why?”
I say “because I’m short”
He says “why else?”
And I have to say “because I have T Rex arms” and then he’ll reach things for me.

Fairly ridiculous.


Brett Burrow said...
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Brett Burrow said...
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Brett Burrow said...

Love the t-Rex pictures... Ben and I sometimes pretend to be t-Rex's, and the. Try to do things like hug or brush our teeth end up in fits of giggles!!

Brett Burrow said...
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Kimberellie said...

hahahahahaha, t-rex arms! Too funny! Thanks for all this're awesome.

Tara said...

I'm glad my T-Rex arms provide a laugh - they sure do for Paul!

Miranda @ All Things Lovely said...

Lovelllyyyy list! :) Thanks for linking up!! I have a love for creating and writing lists too. Idk, there's just something very exciting about being organized lol. Cool travel mug. I'm a fan of anything purple/pink, and Grey's Anatomy. So it's approved in my book! Whered ya get it?

Sziltó said...

Pls let me know the mug's brand/type. Thanks in advance:


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