Sunday, May 20, 2012

It gets worse before it gets better

Remember how I showed a picture of my living room with all my clothes?

I sorted them. 
I've put them into their categories - 
Nashville, Pack away or Donate. 
But now my living room looks like an even bigger mess!

I guess it's true, it gets worse before it gets better.

However at least I'm on the way to being packed for both!

Laura and I had a lovely day yesterday though.

We laid in the sun and then had a leftovers lunch from the party last night.

Then we got to work. 
Laura deep cleaned my bathroom (don't worry, I paid her :p ).

I emptied out all of my kitchen cupboards and merged all of the food in our house into the back pantry. We have one back shelf cupboard area, 2 large bookshelves and a small bookshelf and I needed to empty them all into the back shelf cupboard area and one of the large bookshelves. Phew. I didn't realize QUITE how much food we still had even though I've been trying to deplete the stores in the past months. Yikes.

Then I whipped down and washed through all the cupboards and walls in the area. No dust could remain while I was there. Then I pulled the cleaners out of the under sink area and whipped that down as well, awesome. Then I organized the books in my bookshelf and had to remove TONS of dust from those shelves as well - I will not show you the before and after pictures, because yikes....soooo much dirty dust.

Then we took a much deserved rest. We grabbed some cool drinks and lounged outside on a blanket in the sun. Lovely. Chatting. Friendship. Sun. Tanning. Love it.

Then we headed to my sisters house with more leftover food from last night. We sat our in their yard, chatting and watching the boys and it was lovely to have my sister-best-friend with my really great friend Laura. Lovely.

Laura and I headed home then for me to sort through my clothes. Laura curled up on the couch while we watched "Monte Carlo" and I began the sorting hull.

I was vicious.
There are so many of my clothes that somehow I just don't really like.
Then there were the clothes that I'm too small for now.
Then there were the clothes that never get worn because they're just too weird or something.

Three garbage bags filled with clothes to donate.

Then the bring to Nashville or to pack away?

Packing for 1 month of a road trip in the South in August.
HOT. Travel. Sightseeing. Ready for water - cause I will jump in any water this summer.
Packing for 7 weeks of school in an AC building in a hot city.
Hot. Cool. Comfortable.

I find that what I wear really affects how my day goes.
If I'm too hot or too cold or hate how I look in an outfit, or feel like something doesn't fit then I can be uncomfortable all day. So picking clothes that will make me feel great all day, and be temperature appropriate was very important. I also wanted to bring the right clothes; things I love so that every morning getting dressed is fast and easy and that I don't waste tons of time flaffing about between outfits.

Then I sorted through my purses.

[fancy. casual. for laptop.]


[Dressy. Comfy. Sneakers.]
[Beach Sandals. Dressy Sandals. Texas Sandals.]
[Plus one pair of grey flats that are in the wash]


[Bracelets. 10 Necklaces of varying colour and style]


[Turquoise, polka dot x2, leopard & shimmer and stripes]

Laura was a very helpful sounding board. I needed an editing eye and she offered that.
She was not afraid to say "no, you don't need 9 pairs of shoes"
"you don't need a brown purse, you're not bringing any brown clothes!"
"yes, those shoes for sure"


Today I got to sleep in. I woke up at 8:30 and chose to go back to sleep...with no alarm set. Lovely.
I woke up at 10:30 and strolled out into the living room, grabbed my laptop, a quilt and am now catching up on PVR'd ANTM. 

And some sweet warm chai

Next up - finish putting away my clothes, find something to eat and then get ready for church. I'm hosting the service, and then afterwards it's family dinner for the May birthdays with the Mitchell family.


And tomorrow? Sleeping in again! Morgan May Birthday Family dinner at 1, and small Mitchell family gathering at Jenna's.


Happy long weekend y'all!

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Paraphrase said...

Nice - pretty sure you meant to say I was "not" afraid to tell you what you did or did not need ;)

I soooo slept in later than you, but I didn't go to sleep until 2:00!


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