Friday, May 4, 2012

Life recently

It has been a busy but great week. This shouldn’t surprise anyone – I’m pretty sure you can describe every week in my life like that.

Monday night I spent having coffee with my mom (I try to do that every week) and then joined up with some friends for a going away hang out for Stefany (and it turns out, for Laura also). It was nice to see two such special friends before they left – I will miss both ladies a lot! I had to FORCE myself to leave, practically pry myself away from the group so I could go home to sleep. I need sleep. But oh I like friends.

Tuesday was our 2 year anniversary, as mentioned here. Aside from the gorgeous bouquet at work we also received cards from my Nana and his Grammie, and received so many loving and supportive texts from friends and family. I was for sure feeling the love. Later in the evening life group came over for dinner – I’d made most of it Monday night before my mom came over, so I just needed to roast some vegetables and sauté up some spinach with cream cheese to add to the pasta.

I was using a mix of leftover curly pasta with a red meat sauce (slightly taco flavored) from the youth retreat, a new box of pasta (penne) and 2 cans of sauce (white and red). I was hoping that by merging it all together and adding a bunch of roasted veggies and cheesy spinach that it would go from good to awesome after baked. Well success. Gabe was over the moon about it. So that’s a win. He’s usually not very expressive.

Since we were a smaller group and missing our two ladies mentioned above, we thought it would be good to keep the evening light – so we had a games night. Speed Scrabble & Dirt Bag. It was perfect.

All vowels? What's up with that.

I tidied the house before everyone came over but having 8 people descend on your house definitely adds the mess back up – but everyone stayed to help clean. My house looked back to normal, or even better than! And Dustin picked up the slack for me and did my recycling which I have been avoiding since Paul left – so I felt very very blessed by that for sure!

All tidy!

This is our coffee area.
It might be one of my favorite parts of our house.
It makes hosting a breeze!

I love having the mugs hung right there!
with stir sticks and spoons below.

Syrups, to go cups and Via nicely fill in the space.
Because it's not just coffee with me.
It's love. Cheese.

Our new GIANT coffee maker - thanks Doreen!
Finally I don't have to spend half of lifegroup making more coffee.
And every type of tea you could want.
And sugar! all types.
I want everyone to be able to have the very exact drink that they wish for.

What you can't see if that there is more tea under this counter.
There is also Almond Breeze in case someone who can't have dairy comes over.
There's also Chai tea concentrate. And pop, juice, sangria, etc.
I love my drinks cupboard.
And in the fridge just next to this are the milks and creamers.
Seriously, I can make you like any drink.

Wednesday night I headed out to Costco and then after putting groceries away got to have a relaxing couple hours with some sangria, my laptop and pvr'd tv. It was needed and lovely.

Thursday evening I went over to Jenna's, as I do every week. I get to hang out with my nephews before they go to bed. This week they were in the tub, playing. It melts my heart. Then I help them get ready for bed and get to read with Connor while Jenna puts Austin down. It's my favorite time in the week. And then I get sister time. Second favorite. We drank Sangria, talked and figured out how to move things around in her 3rd and 4th bedrooms so that they would work for homestay students. I can't wait until she has more friends for Karen!

This weekend I am off on our church's Womens Retreat. I have been thinking about this weekend for months now since I'm one of the organizers. I am so filled with faith and excitement for the time away. For God to come and move in His daughters. For rest, and laughter. For fun and food. For friendship and new relationships. and mostly, for God to come and breathe life into us.


LeAnna et David said...

Your living/dining room is looking awesome.

Tara said...

Thanks LeAnna! I'm finally pretty happy with it!


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