Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1st / 2 Year Anniversary

Today is mine and Paul's two year anniversary.
I think it was about now that we were getting ready to walk down the aisle - yikes, it seems so long ago!
And yet, that was only two years ago!

It's kind of funny to have our anniversary while he is away - and my birthday next Tuesday as well! I'm used to waking up with Paul and today it was more noticeable that he wasn't there.

But I know I am loved by my husband...I know he thinks I'm wonderful. I know he sees my faults and I know he has things that bug him that I do...but at the end of the day we are happy to be together.

After I got to work I received a bouquet from Paul. It was so huge that I had to scramble to find a vase it would fit in. Thankfully I remembered seeing one under a sink, filled with garbage bags and rushed over to clean it out. Phew.

Daaaang Husband! That is one giant bouquet of roses!
Spoilt for sure.

This is the view from my desk. Love it!

I know Paul loves me.
He sends me nice texts all the time.
He says amazingly sweet things to me regularly.
This card though made me teary eyed.
I'm a bit of a sucker today.

To note, this is obviously not Paul's handwriting.

Last year at this time we took a trip to Tofino for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary.
We stayed at Ocean Village - I used to stay there as a kid and loved it!
We had a blast.

We ate VERY well.
And on a budget!
And we loved.

Of course, Settlers of Catan was played.
We are nothing if not predictable.

Two years ago we had just finished a crazy rush of wedding planning.

Two years ago at this time we were getting married.

Please note the kissing stool.
Paul's grandpa made it for us and surprised everyone on the wedding day.
It really helped the kiss go smoothly since there is over a foot height difference between us!

And then heading off on a rad honeymoon.

We went fishing and caught all of these fish!

and then we got to eat them in one here.

Boat Cruise!

Settlers of Catan in a bar

A week after we got married I turned 27.
What a way to celebrate

This year we are not in the same city.
We are 10 hours apart.
But we have plans to celebrate it up in June.
We're stopping in Indiana on our way to Nashville.
We're staying here.
Wine, chocolates, bubble baths.
History, Americana, Paul sized bathtub.

It's going to be a good time.
And a wonderful way to end a week of travel...
and find rest before 7 weeks of school.

And to quote Paul as we left for our honeymoon
"We better not see you there or we will bury you in the sand"

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