Thursday, May 10, 2012

A favorite word: Sister / or a Happy Birthday Blog Post for Jenna

Todays Photo A Day Challenge was “A Favorite Word”
Today is also my sisters birthday.


My word is Sister….or Jenna.
Either one works.

How hard core is she? She ran a half marathon. Amazing.

Today my sister turns 27! Dang. I think of her as my little sister, despite the fact that she has two kids and owns property, so it’s weird to think she’s that old!

We were born two years and two days a part. We have always liked this. We haven’t always been best friends, but we have always been partners. And now we are best friends.

Jenna is often silly.
Here she is wearing my grad sash.

She is also gorgeous!
Here she is at Tonielle's wedding.

We like to go places together and work the crowd.
We make sure no one feels left out.
And if we have to, like below, we'll wear silly shirts.

Yikes, my hair is terrible in this following pictures, but regardless...
Jenna (and two of my other best friends Emily and Lyndsay) through me a surprise 25th birthday party.
It was pretty awesome.

Family photos before the kids.

Jenna is married to Colin.
They are wonderful.
She brought a great man into our family.

They can be pretty sassy.

Their wedding was a lot of fun.

He can be just as silly as she is.

I have always thought that Jenna glows when she is pregnant.

She also carries large and in front.
It's pretty amazing to see.

This is all us older grandkids with Grandma...probably the only time we'll all be together, what with LeAnna living in England!

Jenna and I went to a Stagette.
We had to wear homemade lingerie.
For 7 months pregnant she was a pretty good sport.

At LeAnna's bridal shower
How grown up we are!
After years of play dates together as kids.

Hours after Connor's birth.
Jenna has introduced us to the love of bringing in new family

She is an AMAZING mom.
Those boys have NO IDEA how lucky they are.

Even with kids, she's so active!
I believe this is a squat

We are best friends.
and I couldn't be luckier.

Ahh yes - finally a photo where I have good hair too!

We were in each others weddings, both as Maid of Honor.
And we were both married in the same dress.

Can't tell, right?

I have no idea if Jenna will read this
(she's not much of a blog reader)
but she has always been my biggest fan.
She cheers me on constantly.
She encourages me and listens to me.
She laughs at and with me.
She loves me so well.
She tells me the truth of who God made me to be
and isn't afraid to speak the truth when I'm believing lies.

She is a gift from God to those around her.

Jenna you are so loved!


LeAnna et David said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful post.

jenna said...

I read it and I loved it!!! You are such a treasure to me!!!


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