Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Thirteen / Summer “Bucket List”

Thursday Thirteen: Summer “Bucket List”

1. Canoe down a hot Tenessee river with Paul

2. Float down a hot Texas river with Paul and Nancy

3. Eat jumbalaya or gumbo or some other very regionally specific food in New Orleans

4. Eat at O Charley’s – sweeeet rolls.

5. Stop in Fort Morgan, Alabama & the town of Mitchell, South Dakota – proud homes of my last names.

6. Take pictures with Paul in major tourist attractions: Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, French Quarter in New Orleans, Redwood Forests, etc.

7. Practice with Paul Morgan to excel at daily testing at school.

8. Not let Paul Barker (teacher) make me cry during the daily testing at school.

9. Attempt to use the word “fixing” the way southerners do

10. Avoid picking up an accent
Paul will pick up an accent the moment we cross over.
It will be deep, it will be southern and it will make me giggle.

11. Grill food in parking lots as we travel frugally across America

12. Play Settlers with Paul all across America

13. Spend much time with my husband reconnecting after 6 weeks apart, and learn a ton at school.

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Paraphrase said...

Dude - (1) You're already abandoning me all summer. That is bad enough. How will I survive a work day without... what was it yesterday? Over 60 emails back and forth to each other. (2) I'm already super jealous of your road trip. Enough said. (3) You had to POST about how awesome it is? You suck and I love you.


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