Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trip Anticipation

I currently feel ready to EXPLODE.
Like for real.
I am so excited for our summer.
I've been working on our itinerary and it's RAD
Like, really rad.

The red is our trip there.
We have 10 days to make it.
The blue is the trip home.
We have just under a month to make it.

My parents raised me on road trips and adventures. So this is not only something I expect to do in life, but also something I so enjoy. And it's something that Paul and I have had fun doing together - we haven't been farther than Calgary, Portland or Tofino together but I feel good about our ability to travel for so long.

We'll be hitting up 20 States together, we will drive for about 155 hours, and we will see many "must see" attractions across America.

America - here we come!...on June 1st, that is.

In my excitment I need to remember to calm down and finish packing up my house. I have a subletters viewing tonight, to hopefully nail down the people we'll chose to stay at our place. I have many different businesses to stop into and solve things (BCAA for travel insurance and Road side assistance renewal, Rogers for phone plan ideas, etc). Busy times between now and our leaving.

And on top of the excitment for the road trip there's the anticipation for 7 weeks of school - 7 weeks dedicated to growing in our faith, our leadership skills and our calling as a couple. 7 weeks to be together, to pray together, to think excite passions in our hearts for Vancouver and for the coming year here. AND at the end of the summer at week in Calgary at the Every Nation Harvest Institute there.

This will be an awesome summer of growth for sure!



LeAnna et David said...

Your schedule looks great but just reading it exhausts me (then again, walking for twenty minutes exhausts me at the moment...). You are going to have so much fun! I hope you have a chance to update from the road :)

Tara said...

Haha, honestly I find it a bit exhausting also.

I'm very thankful for the 7 weeks in Nashville - we'll be doing school but we'll have no other responsbilities and weekends will be all free. phew!


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