Thursday, May 31, 2012

Packing, moving and an outfit

So...the packing is in full swing.
Our house is now empty of our "stuff" and it's ready for subletters.
Well, ready for Paul and Katie to clean, and then it will be ready.

I discovered a way to organize my accessories and keep them seperate in my suitcase.
At work we had an old projector case we were throwing out.
So I snagged it and decided to put it to good use.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Food, lifegroup, and life

Life group was awesome.
I cooked up TONS of food.
I have an inability to cook just enough.
So I cooked everything.

We did a bunch of prep:

And had a lot of tasty results:

And we were a happy bunch:

We played our new favorite group game, Scattergories and it was a great time.
Paul also took a few minutes to share about the process of truth, repentance and faith he journeyed on while he was away. It was great to have him back and sharing again.

Paul and I stayed up late talking through all the things that needed to be done in the next two days. I think we’re on the same page and I’m glad to have the help!
Then we collapsed into bed, and boy is it nice to have my husband back.

Today is a half day, so I’ll head home to help Paul complete a bunch of tasks and to renew our BCAA membership (expires in July) and extend our travel health care (we currently have the USA shopping weekend trip health care).

Then we move our dear sweet Karen over to the Chibota’s where we will share a feast of leftover food and newly made food and then Paul and I will head over to the Mitchell’s for a last hang out with Debbie and Greg.

Thursday is a half day for me, then joining Paul for final details, a final haircut for me, and then a small going away gathering at my sisters with people that Paul hasn’t gotten to see in the last 2 months. And then we head out to Surrey to stay at Paul’s Dad and Step-mom’s and voila, it’s Friday and it’s Day 1 of our awesome adventure!

I cannot believe this is happening. Eeeeee.

Seriously, I get to do this? Awesome

Though I will admit...
- as I head into an awesome adventure with my husband -
I will miss my Vancouver friends and family.
We are very lucky to be in the community we are, and our loved ones will be very much missed.
And if you're reading this, that means you, for sure.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

eight 1/2 and work post it note fun

Last night was my last evening as a “single” lady.
I joined my lovely friend Sarah for dinner at eight ½.
We had a lovely time.

She also introduced me to Mickey’s - a beer she had mentioned many times before.
It comes from the Kootenays and each bottle has a riddle under the cap.
It’s a family tradition for her
I gladly joined in.

Can you tell what they are?
“Don’t pick your nose”
“Don’t break the seal”

Then I headed home, grabbed some groceries and worked around the house in anticipation of Paul’s return.
I cooked bacon, cleaned things and prepped vegetables.

Then I got the call – paul was an hour away and I could head to Surrey to grab him.
I called Katie to come over and we headed out that way together.
It was great to see my sweetest love again.

And as a welcome home gift the toilet stopped working.
Fun times.
Thanks toilet

But my husband is awesome and he figured out how to fix it.
Yay husband!
Well, by fix it I mean he figured out how to bend a hanger so that you can use it to reach in the back and manually flush the toilet.
This was a temporary fix until our landlords could get there.

This morning was my third last day of work and my last full day of work. I have been training the lovely Irene Chibota.
You probably remember the last time she was here – she was stabbed and bandaged.
Today was much less dangerous.

Over the past two days I’ve filled her head with much knowledge.
I’m sure she will be eternally grateful for the lifegiving things I’ve been teaching her….

Like: copying, ordering supplies, dictating scribbles, and ordering sandwiches.
Also: making coffee, emptying the dishwasher and organizing travel arrangements.
Extremely life changing stuff, I’m sure.

Especially today’s final task: decipher scribbled thoughts from large post it notes based off of a meeting brainstorming session.
It was especially exciting.

And now, when work is over, I'll head home to finish dinner for our Lifegroup.
Curtesy of our deep freezer, the menu is:
The meat:
Beef Skewers
Shrimp Skewers
Chicken Skewers
The 3 P's of carbs:
Pasta (stuffed with cheese)
And I made veggie kabobs as well so we don't die from meaty, carby foods
It should be lovely.
Oh and to brag about my AMAZING husband.
I gave him a to-do list to do over the next three days.
I gave it to him this morning.
8 out of 10 things are already done.
That man rocks.

Monday, May 28, 2012


This was a great weekend. 

Organized Shed care of Jeff.

I balanced and carried a giant stack of boxes

Girls night at the Egilsons.

At church we celeberated the 2012 Kingdom Life Ministry School Grads. They looked great.

Greek Dinner out after church, complete with shrimp and scallop kabobs and great conversation.

Paul's weekend wasn't that bad either

And to end the weekend off our landlord approved our hopeful subletters so we now have that settled!

And Paul comes home tonight, late.
I am one happy lady.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday - spontaneous & birthday

Today is a sun shiny day. 
I didn't set my alarm but woke up at 8am feeling rested. 
When I went to the bathroom the sun was calling to me so I decided to get up and go for a bike ride. 
The ride was beautiful, the sun was gorgeous and my heart was full. 

Plus I noticed the awesome work our neighbours had done in our backyard. 

But my house was empty (well Karen was home but sleeping) so I called my sister to see what she was doing. 
(I had hopes that she was in her backyard with her family)
It was my lucky day.
She was in fact in the backyard with her whole family. 
So I joined them for a sunny outside breakfast.
My ride to her house was gorgeous.
My time with the Maxwell's was AMAZING. 
Sun, family, food and happiness.

Also I went to hug Connor for Paul
(Paul had asked me to send the boys a hug)
Connor looked at me, kissed me and said "gardening time!)
Sooo cute. 

When I got home Jeff 
(Katie's roommate and our neighbour)
was taking all the stuff out of the garage to organize it.
First the garden then organization?
Love it!

Then I came home and relaxed on the couch with a beer.

Next up, dressing for the day and then a trip to Zellers's.
Jenna got me the cutest shirt and shorts but the sizes were a bit off 
so I wanted to exchange them for the right sizes and pick up a few other summer pieces. 

And boy did I get some cute summer stuff.

I've been wanting to try coloured skinny jeans - so this is my first step towards that fashion trend.

Love me some black and white and animal print!

I love half spotted and half see through tanks.
Love it.

Love a striped T
Especially since there's a no-tank rule for the school this summer.

And now, after an afternoon of repacking all my trip clothes to pare it down again (while watching Heartland),
I'm off to hang out with a bunch of RAD girls from church.
Can't wait.


Now if only Monday evening would hurry up and get here so I can see my hubby everything would be absolutely perfect!


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