Monday, June 29, 2015

Avelynn is 2 months

Written 1pm, June 17th.
Our little Avelynn is 2 months old today (and 8 and a half weeks)! She has grown to 9.14lbs (almost 10 pounds!) and is 23 inches long (that’s 3 inches of grown!). She’s become a great little smiler – it’s so fun to watch. Also we saw her giggling for the first time this week – it was so awesome. She’s also rolled over successfully twice now! Woot. She still breastfeeds like a champ – she eats every three hours like clockwork. She’s also (thankfully) great at taking a bottle. She also sleeps pretty well – she eats at 8pm and then sleeps until 4am, eats again and then sleeps until 8am when I start her day feeds.  She’s a pretty chill baby and has most are people in love with her – which feels pretty nice.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Avelynn's second photo shoot

We're currently away on family vacation - oh the joy. It's been nice and warm and we've been relaxing in the sun. Loving it! Time away finally gave me time to do a little blogging! 

On top of my fabulous first set of newbornphotos by my friend Laura, I also had the opportunity to have a photo shoot for Avleynn with my old college friend Sherri. Sherri was my roommate in Nanaimo during school and a friend over the years – she has a baby herself (9 weeks older than Avelynn) and was a photographer already (Sherri Preston Photography), branching into newborn photography now that she has a newborn herself. She came out from Langley to do a shoot with us and she captured Avelynn beautifully!  Sherri made the time so pleasant. She was great at capturing Avelynn and did not get phased at all when tears were present. She had a great soothing presence with her and she had a great artistic eye. I’m so pleased with how these came out – Avelynn is a beauty!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Menu Plan Monday, June 1st

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 

Monday: Costco Chicken Curry with steamed veggies
Monday is a work around the house day, as much as is possible with a baby. I'm cleaning up after the weekend and getting ready for the week ahead. Also a thrilling Costco trip will be in my future for this day. 

Tuesday: Casserole (sent by Carrie M)

Tuesday I try to walk with my sister and my parents and will keep trying to truck away at some organizing around the house. 

Wednesday: Man Pleasing Chicken, potatoes & veggies
Wednesday we are having a going away dinner for one of our former students, Gwen. She goes back to France on Thursday. We'll have a couple people over for dinner with us and will wish her many fond farewells. And we will have ice cream cake :)

Thursday: Chicken Taco Soup (sent by Lindsay)

Thursday we are out for dinner so I'm going to pop this into the crockpot for our students to enjoy and it will make excellent lunches or meals while Paul and I are away over the weekend (and for us to eat Friday). 

Friday to Sunday: YOYO (You're on Your Own)

This Weekend we will be in in my hometown, Port Alberni, to pack up my Grandma's things. She's moved into a home so we are helping the family prepare her house. It will be the first time we are all together in Port Alberni since my cousin LeAnna's wedding in 2010! I'm excited to go home - I love my hometown. I won't have time to see friends - it will be family family family all the way (plus a dip in the lake) but it will be nice to be there all the same. 

I have been finding it's hard to stay afloat with a newborn since there are some problem areas in the house that drive me nuts! Our fridges and freezers and our linens. These areas are disorganized and full. I want to clean them out so that I know what we have and can access it easily.


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