Thursday, March 18, 2010

Of sunshine and housing

It is a beautiful sunny day. I can hear the roar of lawnmowers outside my apartment. Recently my roommate changed the curtain in our bedroom; it is a beautiful dark green. It lets all the light in. Today I woke up with the sun on my face and a view of a spring day outside. I assumed all this would bug me but it's really quite lovely. After I woke up I took a bus to my chiropractor's (Dr. Dan) and thoroughly enjoyed walking outside. I came home to find a letter from my LeAnna in England. What a treat! I made a huge pita sandwich with sprouts, carrots, meat, lettuce & tomatoes and my tummy is happy. 

I am so glad for the peace of this day. 

After the craziness of working for the Olympics (in 15 days of work I worked 140 hours between the two jobs) and then preparing to go to trial (I was being sued for having sold a car to a guy who later said the car was junk but had never taken it to a mechanic before buying it - We won. Phew!) my body was not pleased with me. Though I knew God would provide and take care of us I was still stressed about the trial! My Dad is away for the paralympics (volunteering in Whistler) so I have been helping take care of my mom. These things added together to create a lot of stress. My body decided to shut down. I got infections, I got a cold, I got a stress migraine (which caused my arm to go numb, my vision to get blurry and me to feel quite naseaus), I got flareups of any and all ailments I ever have during stress and my siatica came back. The past 5 days have been quite rough, physically. Thankfully doctors exist and all these problems are well on their way to being gone. 

Needless to say today I am glad for peace. I am glad for rest. I am glad for sunshine.

I am a pretty lucky girl. I am marrying a man I love and respect who loves and respects me. I have an amazing family and am marrying in to an amazing family. I like my job and am excited to start a new job in May (who knows what I'll be doing then!). I love my home and am excited to find a home to live with Paul in. I am planning a wedding that is not stressful, only exciting. I have amazing friends. AMAZING. 

Ok Pollyanna, get back to the point:

We are househunting. Not to buy as we are students but to rent. Vancouver is a tricky climate to find housing in. 

Here is our wishlist:

  1. Rent $950 or less all included
  2. 2 bedrooms
  3. Laundry
  4. Decent Kitchen
  5. Space to host
  6. Located on or very near to a major bus route
  7. Located between Cambie & MacDonald, between W 4th and 25th. 
Yes, we realize this is most likely impossible unless there is a miracle. Most 1 bedrooms in the west side of Vancouver (which is exactly where we are looking) cost about $950 before hydro/utilities. 

Our basic tension is this: for our budget we can get 1-6 if we choose to live closer to the Hood, where the Mitchell's live around 41st/49th and Fraser/Main. If we want to live on the lower west side then we need to sacrifice 2 and 5. 

We know that Paul will be attending UBC in the fall and hope to both be attending UBC's teacher education program late next year. We know we want to lead a lifegroup. We want our lifegroup to be in the area that we live. Do we feel that we are to be in the southeast or the west? Does God have a plan for this or is he just want us to make a decision ourselves? 

Hmmm....these are the thoughts on my heart. Don't even get me started on a job for May....I can barely contain all the what-if's in regards to housing let alone where I will be employed when my contract is up at the end of April!

I am off to ride the Canada line to Langara....Oh I love the Canada Line. 


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