Monday, February 15, 2016

Life with A

Last time I wrote about my sweet baby girl was 3 months ago. I meant to write regularly and yet, nope. Baby girl is my favourite person (aside from Baby Daddy) and yet it's hard to write. Mostly it's hard to tear my eyes off of Avie and blog. Also had to tear my eyes off of Avie and do anything else. Finish insurance forms, expense reports or anything else. 

My little jailbird

But honestly, I miss writing. I miss talking and perfecting word choices. So I will try again today. Actually my new British friend started blogging and it reminded me how much I loved blogging and so here we go. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Canucks themed baby shower

My friend Sunshine had her baby boy last week - and in December her friends from church and family wanted to try to shower her with love and support coming up to the birth. Sunshine is married to Gabe, and Gabe is a pretty die hard Canucks fan - that's our local hockey (NHL) team. Since they are having a little boy it seemed appropriate to have a Canucks themed shower. It was fun to pull together - lots of greens, blues and whites. We were having a morning shower, so we went with a brunch theme - bagels and yogurt and bacon, etc. I got to throw this party with the best Philipina party planners in the area - Sheila and Maan. They are amazing and I was overjoyed to party plan with them. They made this process extra fabulous.


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