Monday, February 28, 2011

New Bedroom and trip to Oregon

I just wrote a whole blog entry....

Lets sum up; we got a new bedroom, our former master bedroom is now in Paul's old den/study. Woo!

Also we took a trip to regon and it rocked.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Casserole attack

It is definitely a Monday. It’s a tired, dreary, rainy day. The silver lining is it's Valentines Day. Paul brought me lunch to celebrate it being love day. I got a rose and a turkey sandwich. Bootcamp is cancelled tonight due to rain, and Paul and I get to start our evening of relaxing and being in love even earlier!

BUT first, it was a great weekend! Let me tell you about it.

 We love ferry rides!

 Grandma loves to see Wedding Pictures.
She is constantly amazed by how clear the photos's adorable.
 We stopped at Timmies at least twice a day while in Port. I LOVE timmies.
 Waiting for our return ferry. Cuddly..and silly.

I couldn't quite manage to get Paul in mid air - Oops.

Paul and I spent the weekend in Port Alberni on the Island. We had a throghouly enjoyable ferry ride and a great drive through the grove and over the hump. We spent some much needed quality time with John and Crystal (one of my bridesmaids and her boyfriend) Friday night and Saturday we enjoyed a great lunch with youth group friends. We also went out for dinner with my Grandma and my aunt…mmm pine cafĂ©. I love it. After that Paul and I joined my aunt and uncle at their place for some great conversation. We got there at 7:30 and didn’t leave until 1! They are so enjoyable to talk to; insightful, wise and fun!

Sunday we joined Lisa, Tony and Gwyn for breakfast (which was so great!) and then caught the 12:30 ferry back. Paul headed straight to church to lead kids church and I did all the grocery shopping. We joined my family for a family dinner and enjoyed being with my parents and sister and her family.

We came home right after dinner and between 8:30pm and 1am I made 9 casseroles, and 5 sets of leftovers. Woo! That’s 40 minute a meal! I love it! In the next 3 weeks I will be away a lot during the time that I normally make dinner so I thought I would make a bunch of meals that can be taken out the night before eating them and then Paul can throw them in the oven and they can be ready for when I get home. It’s perfect. I went online and found 9 recipes that used somewhat similar ingredients or ingredients I readily have available or are cheap…I made a list of all the prep work to do before assembly and master list of every single item needed for all the meals.

Step 1. Dice vegetables (onions, peppers and tomatoes), cube chicken, shred cheese, etc. Paul helped me with this while we watched 30 Rock.

Step 2. Cook meat (8 chicken breasts, 1 pound of ground beef, etc), boil pasta, cook rice, etc.

Step 3. Read through master ingredient list and put everything on the kitchen table for easy access as needed.

Step 4. With Candace’s help start with recipe one and put all the recipes together. With each recipe mix the ingredients in a large mixing bowl and when done adding ingredients put mixture in large freezer ziplock bag. Put that bag inside another bag with the ingredient/recipe list and any cheese topping needed for during cooking)

This was far more work than I expected, and without Candace doing the dishes as I went a long it would have taken me twice as long! It’s still totally worth it as now we have A LOT of food. Also when doing prep I made way more spaghetti sauce, noodles, rice and chicken than needed, so on top of our planned casseroles we ended up with quite a bit of extra food for the fridge. Our fridge is full and this makes me happy.

Monday, February 7, 2011

babysitting and superbowl

What a great weekend!

Friday night my nephews, Connor (2 ½ half years old) and Austin (3 ½ months old), spent the night with Paul and I. My sister, Jenna, and her husband, Colin, were out for the night to celebrate their 4 year anniversary! They dropped the boys off with us at 6 and came back Saturday at 11. They had a great time and so did we! Connor had a lot of fun playing with Paul and I, and Austin is such a sweet, easy baby. Connor was great going to bed, and I got the joy of cuddling up with him, reading him a bedtime story and praying for him. Oh!

After Connor was asleep and Austin was again fed and changed, our friends Josh and Ana came over to play Settlers of Catan. We played with 2 expansion packs (Cities & Knights and Seafarers) and the game lasted for over 2 hours. Austin was pretty much perfect the whole way through and the game was a lot of fun! We really like Josh and Ana so it was a pretty wonderful evening. After our guests left, and after we stayed up chatting with Candace (who is living with us for 4 months) Paul and I got to have a great chat, until 1:30am about life. It was so nice to have time to talk about life and ministry and kids and the future. Unfortunately we chose the one Friday that would have little kids waking us up the next day! Both boys woke up earlier than normal at 6:30 (instead of their usual 9:30!!). I got them to drift in and out of sleep for another hour and a half. I brought Connor in to bed with Paul and I, and oh man, he is so sweet when he sleeps! And since we have a King size bed not only did Paul not notice that Connor was there, but Connor kept looking and around and saying “Where’s Auntie Paul?” He’s a bit confused on the Auntie/Uncle gender thing. Before 11 when their parents came back, I hung out with Connor and Austin in the living room (while I let Auntie Paul sleep). We watched Thomas the Tank Engine and other such shows and had breakfast. It was nice to hang out with my favorite boys.

 Me and the boys

After the boys were gone and we were back on our own I spent the afternoon organizing our kitchen and fridge. As you can see our fridge is now SUPER organized.

This makes me very happy.

Saturday night we went out to Delta for David’s, Paul’s Dad, birthday. It was nice to spend time with family and eat AMAZING food. Carole, Paul’s step mom, is a phenomenal cook! We were home by 10 and I was asleep by 10:30!
Sunday I spent the day organizing some more and prepping A LOT of food for Paul’s superbowl party. I made wings, pizza, chili/cheese dip, BBQ cocktail wieners and much more! Paul graciously recorded the superbowl and waited until AFTER church to watch the game and host his party. People started showing up at 5:30 and the last were there until 10. There were 15 guys there to watch the game and 4 girls there to sit in the kitchen and talk. The men devoured the food. I love cooking for people who love to eat! I am SHOCKED by how much food they managed to consume!

As soon as the game was halfway through and the food was under control Lyndsay, Stefany, Candace & I went out for Candace’s birthday. We had drinks at a Jamaican Restaurant and then headed over to Sweet Revenge for some AMAZING deserts. It was a perfect night, filled with reminiscing about first meeting Candace and other fun memories and sharing what we love about her.

Once we got home I stayed up late with Candace and Paul to watch the post superbowl Glee episode (Dang Telus, cut off half of the episode. I’m getting so tired of their TERRIBLE TV service). I slightly regret this decision now that it’s Monday morning and I am at work, very tired..however I am always very tired and so it doesn’t really matter how little sleep I get.

Tonight is bootcamp (in the cold, eep!), Tuesday is lifegroup, Wednesday I’m visiting a friend at Metrotown, Thursday is a coworkers going away dinner followed by a hangout with my sister and Friday through Sunday Paul and I are out of town in Port Alberni. I’m slightly tired thinking about it all – though it will be a great week! Lots of fun times ahead!


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