Monday, March 31, 2014

Menu Plan Monday, March 31st

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

We've been away for some of the past week: we took a trip down to Washington to visit family and friends - it was a wonderful time for Paul and I. We really enjoyed it. I'll blog more about it shortly but currently it's back to life, and looking ahead to this week!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: March 24th

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: Chicken Caesar Salad
I cooked up some chicken thighs for the soup Sunday so I made sure to cook extra, which I'll slice up and use on the salad. We have a meeting at 8pm to plan a friends baby shower, so an easy dinner is a must after a Monday. 

Tuesday Paul and I both work, and then we have the rest of the week off. So we're leaving right after work to head down to Seattle. Ill put the crockpot on in the morning, and Duncan will finish it up at the end of the work day. I'll make rice the day before for it to be served with. That way our housemates have food. There's also leftover Mac & Cheese from the weekend, and baked Spaghetti that Duncan whipped up. For lunches I've left a Quinoa salad from Costco in the fridge and made sure we have four types of deli meat, lots of cheese and bread, and many frozen dinners. AND most days at least 2 or 3 of our 4 students will be out or away. All organized!

Tuesday to Saturday: Washington Trip
Tuesday night we'll be heading to Lake Stevens to stay with some of Paul's family - we will get to see them and have dinner together. We rarely get to visit them so it will be really good. 

Wednesday morning we'll leave after breakfast and head towards Puyallup. Along the way we'll hit up World Markets and Hobby Lobby in Lynnwood before making our way to Puyallup to stay with Mark and Heather - we'll get to see their new place and just chill with them overnight. Normally I'm rushing in and out when I visit so this will be a treat. 

Thursday we leave Puyallup and head to Renton to stay with Tony and Rebekah. We haven't really gotten to hang out with them since their wedding this past summer, so I'm really looking forward to it, especially as Reba is pregnant. I can't wait to catch up with them and just spend some time with them. 

Friday we'll either head back towards Canada OR just pop over to downtown Seattle for the day. We're bringing our bikes so we want to A) Bike around the city and B) find a cool biking place. Any ideas? 

We'll go by Costco along the way, as well as WinCo, Target, and Trader Joes. We'll return Friday or Saturday, but most likely Saturday. We don't need to be back until around 3:30. 

When we get home we'll unpack and expect company shortly - Ana is throwing Josh's 30th birthday at our house, so we want the house tidy for her arrival so she can set up to her hearts content. I'm looking forward to a night with great friends. 

Sunday: Chicken and Broccoli Noodle Casserole
Sunday Paul preaches again, and as per usual we have have transformations afterwards. This week we have a womens ministry meeting before hand - so I'll be involved in that while Paul preps for preaching. Before the meeting I'll make up a casserole which I'll be able to put in the oven right after Transformations. We'll have a quiet night at home after a busy weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursdays: The Awkward Years

Ahhh the awkward phase. Paul and I were having a discussion about them recently. You know what I'm talking about, right? I mean most people are pretty cute as kids, then as they hit college and beyond they might have some weird clothing choices but generally are fairly decent looking under it all. But those years somewhere in the middle....those are the ones. Generally people just don't fair well there. 

Paul and I were trying to nail down which were each of our actual most awkward years. I think mine were 12 to 15 (Junior High). He was suggesting that his was like 14 to 16, but having seen many a photo it would seem 14 to 19 were the awkward years. He was initially offended that I was suggesting his awkward lasted two years longer than mine, but I can assure you ages 12 to 15 felt pretty dang long in my life. And to be fair, after creeping some old photos of him, I'd happily ammend his awkward years to 14 to 18, and state that 18 was a decent year for Paul once he started growing out his hair :)
Speaking of awkward, this photo was done on purpose, so I feel no remorse posting it here for the world to see

Anyways, back to the point at hand. Going into Junior High I mostly looked sweet. 
In my camp photo below you can see me in my turtleneck - that was my Kristy from the Babysitters Club Phase. 
I love this camp photo. Camp was the highlight of my year growing up. Especially when I got to be in a cabin with my then best friend Amy. This is the year I made friends with Lisa, also from Port Alberni. I also thought our camp counsellors were SO COOL and I wanted to be just like them, and later when I counselled at camp I remember thinking, "Yes, I've made it."

At times I would try to hit the fashion of the day - here's my blossom look. While the outfit is hilarious and outdated, there is still a cute sweetness about my looks that hadn't hit really awkward yet. 
At Nana's for Christmas, showing off my sweet duds. 

I love this photo with my whole heart - I'm at Nana's, so I'm comfortable. And I'm showing off my NEW JEAN JACKET - check out my moves, nice hip thrust. Obviously a model in the making. 

And then the awkward begins - here's a photo from my surprise 13th birthday party.  Nothing screams awkward like a ratty pony tail, waist tied sweatshirt and a solar themed mens tee.

Cleaned up for church - the hair really helps save this outfit, but the floral skirt is a real loss.

And then grade 8 hit and the awkward phase rolled in with vengeance. 
Who is this you ask? The mitchell daughters? or might we have the Mitchell boys here?

Often people in the awkward phase have a belief that they are cool. Clearly I'm suffering from that in this photo.

And enter grade 9 Grad - note to self: never go for updos...always wavy curls. 
You looks like a boy with one long curly bang. Yikes. Also, lose the flower print - never good.

Ahh yes. The awkward years. What a joy. 

I was quite hesitant to post the final 3 photos. While my awkward years were similar to most, the bullies at school did quite a good job convincing me that that was my forever, and not just a passing moment. To think I am willingly putting photographic evidence of how I looked and felt at that time on the internet where those bullies can see -'s a big gulp for sure. While generally movies and life show us that even bullies mature and grow up, that doesn't stop the fear that they created or the shame that they taught us. I know that we're grown up now, and so the odds of a junior high bully from my past taunting me are slim, but that sliver of fear remains. And yet, what is the point of awkward years and security and growth if we can't look back and laugh at ourselves?

I think too part of what is so scary about the awkward years is that while you're in them you have no idea you're in them. You think you look great. No idea that later you'll look back and shudder. Or that others are judging the style choices you're making. You think you're doing ok at least. It's like with the Awkward Family Photos website - at some point someone somewhere thought every one of those was a great idea. I mean, I picked out that Grade 9 Grad dress! I chose that Alberni Hoops outfit. At one point in my life I voluntarily wore boys clothing and got a short haircut. These choices weren't thrust upon me, I chose them willingly. It makes me question my taste, and my ability to judge the now objectively. Clearly I'm unable to lead my own life, that much is obvious. 

Thankfully with the help of pinterest and friends, I think Paul and I are doing much better now. 
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

An ode to Sammy G and the LG ladies

True Story: I've never been wrong a day in my life. Always right. 
It's a hard life but someone has to live it. 

Until Tuesday. 
Would you believe, in a moment, I found out I was wrong!!!!? 
Shocking, right?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Menu Plan Monday, St Patrick's Day

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: Creamy Balsamic Chicken with roasted vegetables
Tonight we have our friends Hanne and Drian coming over - they are joining us for dinner then helping us do stuff - Hanne is helping me prep Lifegroup Dinner & dessert and Drian is helping Paul around the house. One of the best joys in life is having awesome awesome friends who also help you! So much win.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Childhood Friends & #PortProblems

Childhood friends are always an interesting topic to me. Looking back I always felt like I didn't really have friends. There were some girls at church that I knew and there were some people in school that were nice to me, but for a long time I didn’t feel like I really really had friends. But then I look back at home videos and get together with friends and reminisce and realize that there were friends in my life – it was a lovely realization! And peppered throughout all of them was my friend Tami. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Letting Go: A moment and an answer

Last week I wrote a post about letting go. I was reacting to the phrase "let go of it" and used an example of a hurt and trying be in right relationship in that post. I'd been struggling with some hurt and rejection - normal, but hard. I was trying to work through my feelings, and how to proceed in the relationship despite the pain. I talked with some different friends on the topic and was very honest about what was hard and not knowing how to move on. One of the friends said it sounded like the next step for me was to chose to forgive the person. Oh, right. Forgiveness. I'd rather forgotten about that. 

After that talk I'd written the above blog post and was on the journey towards forgiveness - but the thing with forgiveness is I don't always know if I've done it. Like I "forgive" and then I don't feel any differently. It's not like forgiving a debt, where you actually erase the debt and can no longer call on that debt. I don't know how to erase the hurt or the feelings, but I know that my heart is towards forgiveness and in that moment I've made a choice in faith to forgive. 

I was heading into the weekend with all of this in mind. It felt like most of the week was full of swirling thoughts and it was a bit overwhelming. I was feeling very uncertain

Monday, March 10, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: March 10th

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: Chicken Cordon Bleu Bubble Up with steamed broccoli
We have plans with friends to hang out and make soup for a charity so I prepped this dish in advance last night. Our housemate Duncan will put it in the oven for me and it will be ready right when we get home so we can eat before heading out. Win!

Tuesday: Melt in your mouth Chicken with vegetables
I've been wanting to make this dish all week but keep running out of time since it takes an hour and a half to cook. I'll prep this also the night before and have Paul put it in the oven for me.   

Wednesday night is going to be an at home relaxing (and laundry) night. I wanted a comfort food type dinner. 

Thursday: Homemade Chicken Wings & Fries
Thursday I am having some girlfriends over to watch survivor - we'll be voting on favorites and generally having a party. I'm making homemade chicken wings and fries, and others are bringing the rest of the meal. 

Friday, Saturday & Sunday: ?
I don't particularly like to talk about this weekend right now. We were supposed to be driving to Edmonton to see our dear friends the Siewerts and spend the weekend with them for Spring Break - I'd even gotten some time off to extend our trip with them and we were so excited. However we had some financial set backs that made the trip impossible and this morning I had to make the call to pull the plug on it. While I'm glad to not have to drive 26 hours between Friday and Monday, I'm very sad not to see them. They did our pre-marital counselling, and were great friends to us. The 13 hours between us means we don't get to see them that often and that is a big loss!

That being said today I am mourning my weekend and refuse to make new plans. Starting tomorrow I'm sure I'll make plans for the time, including meals, as my usual optimism should kick in. Who knows what the weekend will have in store! Plus I have Monday and Tuesday off (since I thought I would be away) and am excited to get to spend all that time with Paul who also has the time off. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Smooth Operator: Coffee Bar Update

One of the things I love best in the world is having a coffee bar in the house. I love a beverages area that is prepped and ready to go at all times. The idea that a guest or visitor to the house could come in and make themselves a cup of tea or coffee easily thrills my heart. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Vroom Vroom

I am a Mitchell. A born driver. It’s in my blood. Dad had driven trucks and busses for years through college. He drove trucks for Coca-Cola and double decker tour buses in Victoria. When he went into teaching he used his skills to help those around him – he taught so many 16 year olds how to drive, he still does! He’s a wonderful teacher and a great driver…plus my Dad has patience. All three are equally important in teaching driving. When we were kids he would tell us what he was doing while driving and why – we understood the rules and flow of the road long before we ever got behind the wheel. We understood driving smarts – it’s been built into us from a young age.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Menu Plan Monday, March 3rd

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: Leftover Chicken Pot Pie and salad
I'm thankful for leftovers tonight. Tonight I need to get through a stack of laundry to fold and put away, make Queso Lasagne for lifegroup, go grocery shopping, write the weekly schedule up on our calendar and tidy up the downstairs. Phew. 

Tuesday: Queso Lasagna
It's lifegroup and this was a big hit last time I made it, plus since I'm making it the day before I know that this is a meal that holds well overnight.  

Wednesday: Crack Pasta
I haven't tried this recipe yet and I've been meaning to for months - there aren't any plans Wednesday but I know I'll be spending a portion of the night cleaning out my command center and getting it back under control. Same with my linen closet. 

Thursday night is sister night....or not - but either way a crock pot meal after a work day is nice to come home to. 

I'll be working around the house all day, possibly having lunch with a friend and will look forward to a warm creamy casserole for dinner. 

Saturday: Melt in your mouth Chicken with vegetables
Saturday is a pretty slow day, which is perfect for this chicken as it needs longer to cook. . 

Sunday is an easy morning but a busy afternoon/evening so I'll be glad to put the food in the crockpot and come back to eat it after church and transformations and before our Deacons Meeting.   


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