Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rainy, thoughtful day

Today is a rainy thoughtful day. I am warm, inside my house, happy with the knowledge that there is a beautiful rainy day outside and that shortly I will be catching a bus to UBC in it. I have warm tea, good music and a happy heart. 
I am so ready for our house to be unpacked and yet unwilling to do much to make that the truth. It's quite a tricky place to be. 
Still on the job hunt; applying to lots of places every day and wondering where I will end up. 
Still loving marriage. Very much still in the honeymoon phase....both always trying to do little things around the house to make the other person feel good. Last night I got up in the middle of the night to make Paul's lunch and prepare his breakfast for the morning as a surprise. When I woke up (after he had gone to work) he had cleaned the entire kitchen, left flowers for me and cleaned up all garbage and recycling. It's fun to try and love each other in practical ways.

I hope I get an office job. There are some clothes I would love to own but unless I have a place to wear them will never buy them. 
One week today I am heading off on a family/friend vacation to Osoyoos. Mostly my entire family (and for sure my entire Vancouver family) plus a bunch of our friends, and families from church will be there. We will eat, play games, lay on the beach and stay up late talking. I can pretty much not wait. 
I suppose I should start getting ready for the very rainy bus trip to UBC...thankfully I have rain boots, a rain coat, a bus pass, an ipod and a book. I think I shall enjoy the ride thoroughly.

Oh and I LOVE my new hair cut. Oh love.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Married, at home, job hunting...woo! The life of a unplanned stay at home wife.

Ugh..just wrote a post and it disappeared. Then tried again and it disappeared. Ugh Ugh Ugh. 

So I will try again.

Last time I wrote I was going to get married in 4 days. Now I have been married for a month and 3 days. This is awesome. I love being married. I specifically love being married to Paul. He is a pretty great husband. And a pretty great man. It was always so important to me that when I got married it would be to someone I could respect; and not fake respect, but actually really really really respect. It's great to have found a man like that. 

Enough of the gushy stuff. I promise I will post wedding pics and honeymoon pics and talk about both but am waiting for the pictures. 

For now I would like to talk about life. I finished my contract with EveryNation Campus Ministries at the end of April. I am currently job hunting. This means I have been unemployed the whole time we have been married. Weird. 

At this moment I have just found out that I did not get the job I interviewed for on Wednesday which is really unfortunate because it was a great job. I feel bummed. I had been so hopeful after a great interview. 

In other news...

I just finished putting my pantry together:
Isn't it beautiful? I love a well stocked pantry. 

This is where I am typing from now:

And this is my kitchen shelving which I love and will love even more once I find all my plates. Right now it has many random things in it:

And lastly my ever so helpful and organized tupperware stacked cupboard:

And now I will eat a mini pizza to console myself about not getting the job and then I will work my way through folding a giant, living room sized, mound of laundry. So awesome :$


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