Thursday, September 10, 2015

Avelynn is 4 months!

I wrote this when our sweet baby girl was 4 months (that was like 3 weeks ago). Then we were away at camp, then we were away on family vacation and then is now. I missed posting it. But be that as it may, she still reached 4 months and woot. She is just as sweet as ever. Honestly, she's such a lovely baby. I can't quite get over how great she is. I have a fear sometimes that she's a trick that is so great that you believe you got this and start to have more kids right away only to discover that your first trick baby was actually not a normal baby but that the rest of your babies are normal and waaay harder. But I am chosing to enjoy the trick at least if that's the case :)

Avelynn has started giggling this past month and it's ADORABLE. She's good natured - always a smile when she's being played with. She'll stop breastfeeding to look up at me and smile, then go back to her eating. She often has a deep pensive or puzzled look on her face, and she does a wide eyed surprise look like no one else.

Playtime with Grandma

I offer you a foot

Mom & Baby time

She's turning a lot, but hasn't quite figured out how to roll over all the way. She can go from her back to her side to the front, but can't get out of that. She turns though, 360 in her crib all night. She's been sleeping in her own rib for almost a month now - it's great! She sleeps through the night mostly, we no longer have middle of the night feeds, though sometimes she still wakes up but a soother puts her back down.

Srsly cute

Sleeping beauty

and this one slays my heart

Avelynn finally gets to meet the rest of Paul's family in the states - his Minnesota and Oregon family! We're so excited to show this sweet little girl off. Before that Avelynn and I are heading up to Anvil Island to volunteer at teen camp and then we're off for our family vacation.

That look

I texted this photo to Paul and he texted back "Is Avelynn taking a selfie?"

We sure have been enjoying the summer - lake days, stanley park walks, olympic village walks, adventures of many types. Avelynn handles it all like a champ - she's great for travelling, great at taking bottles and great with baby sitters. She's a truly lovely kid. I realize I'm biased. But still.

Sasamat Lake with friends

Winning people over - dang that smile

Lindsey and Avie (aka Blue Steel)

Baby and babies first toy - the infant ball

"Let's go to the lake," they said. "It'll be fun," they said. Elliot and Avelynn do not agree with their mom's.

Appies with some of the Pre-Natal class ladies at the Tea House at Stanley Park

What pre-natal class hang out would be complete without spontaneous breastfeeding? Also I love that Elinor is poking out.

And in about a week you'll see a post that announces she's 5 months. So yeah. Mom for the win?
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