Thursday, March 31, 2016

Floral Fun & a Fashion recipe

I'm so enjoying decorating and picking clothes for me and Avie - as Spring comes I always love adding floral into all areas of life. For myself I've added some flats in different colors, as well as floral flats from Payless. I've found myself drawn to prints and patterns and cheery colors. I am loving onesies for Avelynn and lots of fun colors. 

Floral flats for mom

Turquoise onesie for the little

Friday, March 25, 2016

DIY Marble Tray

I love the look of a marble tray. I have been wanting to have one in my home but didn't want to spend a lot of money OR work on something too involved. I had seen two bloggers I love do their own version of a marble tray with gold handles and they were gorgeous but intimidating. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Snowflake baby shower

Our dear friend Snow is having a baby any day now, so a while ago her best friends and I decided to throw her a baby shower. The theme? Snowflake, for the little piece of snow! 

We were able to use the party room in Snow's building - this is a great space. White and grey - a great blank template for parties. We wanted to decorate with silver, white and turquoise. Snow is having a girl but there's just something so fun and wintery about turquoise, rather than pink. 

Here is the affirmation table -  tassles (made from coffee filters) laid out over a silver tablecloth with a turquoise runner. We left out pens and notecards for people to write on. 

After the cards were written on and slipped into the envelopes hanging on our feature wall

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

House Hunting the third

The house we rent has been sold. We have just under 3 months to find a new home for us, for Avie, for our three students...and for us to host in. Cool beans.

Honestly I'm feeling faith filled and excited most of the times - sometimes worried - but mostly optimistic. The real issue is that it doesn't feel real! Last month I unpacked our last box and organized the last remaining messy spaces. Of course. I can't actually imagine that we need to move from this house that we have thoroughly made a home. I'm sitting in my living room - it's a home. It's beautiful. And somehow in less than three months we won't live here anymore - and since I think the new owners will be renovating, we'll be the last people to enjoy this space the way it is. So weird!

The real estate situation in Vancouver is weird - you can't buy a house here for less than a million - our home went for 1.4 million...crazy. Therefore, rent is expensive also. Oh the joys of big city living. That being said, we found our miracle home before and we will again. Our last two homes have been better than we ever expected, for less money than we'd dared hope to pay. God has provided consistently in our lives and I can't believe He would randomly stop now. Even the homes I had before getting married were answers to prayer. Time and time again I've ended up in wonderful housing situations and I know God orchestrates these things. 

As bummed as I am to move, to search again, to pack up, I really am happy for our landlords. They bought this home years ago, raised their kids here and later moved out to Surrey. To see them make such a profit is nice. They were gracious to us and I am honestly happy for them. 

I've blogged before about what we're looking for. Our list hasn't changed much - except that this time the yard things is even bigger in my mind. A yard and a deck. This place had a great deck for summer meals and that was important to us, but we always wished for a yard for hosting. So great for kids. We want to have fires (in a fire pit) and kiddie pools and parties. We also want a kitchen layout that's great for parties - we love to host. 

I'm finding it daunting to think of searching craigslist and looking for a home - BUT that being said, I'm PUMPED to decorate a new house. Our place was finished so this is a big joy to get to do!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dreamin' for life

I have taken myself on a date. As I write, I am in Bellingham, at a Mexican Restaurant. Chips, Salsa, Sangria. I’m waiting on the seafood Taco salad and I spent the afternoon browsing TJ Maxx and Target admiring all the pretty things. It was lovely and restful. *edited to add* Turns out a seafood taco salad is not the best choice. I should have known, honestly. It’s a cheesy, fun Mexican place that specializes in tequila, margaritas and appies – clearly the seafood salad wouldn’t be its best offering. Ah well, you live, you learn.

At Target this afternoon I was buying a few decorations for Avie’s first birthday and I referenced “my daughter” at the till and thought, Holy Crap I’m an adult. I have a daughter! I’m a mom. That’s just crazy talk. How is that possible? I’m pretty sure I’m still a kid myself. I’ve gotten over the surprise that someone let me be a parent. Mostly parenting seems to be about patience and kindness rather than any real skill. So that works in my mind. I’m learning patience. But I am still sure I’m not an adult. A mom. It probably won’t sink in until she calls me that.


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