Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Written week of November 1st:

Well what an interesting day I have had. Yesterday the entire office was sent an email asking us to all meet downstairs on our other floor in the boardroom for a staff meeting. Apparently this NEVER happens so people were concerned. Turns out our entire office is being relocated to Toronto! Most people are going to have a relocation offer and only a few will not. We of course have the choice to decline, work until the end of the summer then receive severance, accept and move to Toronto, or quit anytime without severance. I assumed that I was one of the few not going to be offered a relocation package since (despite doing well at my job) I am quite replaceable. Well, I could not have been more wrong. They offered me a relocation package and in our private meeting let me know they really valued me. I was shocked. They explained the VERY generous relocation offer and the AMAZING severance option which includes working until the end of August.

We are rooted in Vancouver. Our families are here, our friends, our church, etc…and more importantly it’s where we have felt God calling us to be. The only way we would go to Toronto is if we felt God moving….for example there could be a Seminary there for Paul that is a much better price than here, or something like that. But really our heart is to stay in Vancouver. Right now we are 90% staying…I explained, in my private meeting, to the two head guys why we would stay. Paul wants to Pastor a church at UBC. We kind of need to be here to do that. 
**we have confirmed now, as of Nov 10, that we are NOT moving to Toronto**


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