Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Craft Room Process

Craft Room Makeover

The other day I mentioned my to do list. What I didn't realize was that some of those items (Ie. Overhaul craft room) were so so so much more than one item. 

I started with the Guest room section of the room. This space will serve three main functions - Guest Room, Paul's Office and my Craft Room. Paul's office is set up. The rest was just filled with boxes. 

I had Paul clear out all the boxes. I'd like to say I helped but realistically he's a beast and did it alone. Then I found a nice duvet for the futon and shopping the rest of the pillows in the house made a nice bed/couch. I also added a retro clock I found in one of Paul's boxes. By using things that belong to Paul, I'm attempting to merge the styles of the room together. 

Then we brought in a new free piece of furniture. This dresser belonged to Paul's Dad originally, it was built in the 50's by David's dad for David. Then later David and Paul's mom Nancy used it for Paul and I think for Katie. Now it belongs to us, and when we have a kid we will use it for that kid. But for now, it's for crafts :)

I added some jars with house stuff, one of Paul's model cars and a sign I found at Target to the top. Again, helping to tie in the cars on Paul's side of the room. 

I also added some chalkboard sticker to the side of the dresser to leave notes for guests when they stay. And then I added some labels to the drawers. 1, 2, 3 for random drawers, "Guest" for the empty drawer for visitors and "Wrapping" because the bottom drawer would eventually hold my wrapping supplies.

And though it didn't happen at the same time, here are the wrapping supplies in their new home. The baskets hold ribbons, ribbons and scissors & tape. Also the stack of ribbons you see outside the drawer will be put inside with a tension rod.

Next up was tackling the rest of my craft stuff with the help of two wonderful friends: Ana W and Lindsay M. All I can say is Thank goodness they're good sports. There was a lot of mess to conquer!

We dug right in - the first job was to sort. We had many categories or piles, "tape", "glue", "cardstock", "scrapbooking paper", "technology", "momentos", "random craft things", etc. The list went on. We all sat in the center of the mess and worked away for about an hour. And then it was sorted. 

We lined up all the containers to the side - I have been saving cookie tins, mason jars, chocolate boxes for months. I've also been buying things at the Target dollar section or the Dollar Giant; bowls, baskets, etc. These we lined up on the edge of the room. 

Then we took it moment by moment bringing types of items into the craft room to store away. While Ana and I did this, Lindsay used Frog Tape to line my closet in preparation of the painting we were planning to do. We wanted to make 4 inch stripes, in two shades of blue. 

After Lindsay taped (wonderfully, I might add. She is one amazeballs taper) I got the supplies ready and did the first coat.

I started by cutting in at the top with a brush

Then used my roller on the rest, and a mini paintbrush for the corners that the roller couldn't quite get. 

While I painted the girls pray painted some display pieces and chalkboard painted jar lids

Then they sorted buttons into colors and eventually poured them into mason jars.

And then by that point I was done with my first coat. I waited for more hours and did a second coat then immediately removed the tape, as per the instructions from the super helpful lady at Home Depot. 

I needed to wait 24 hours, then retape the stripes and turn the formerly white and patchy wall to a lighter blue. 

Here it is where it stands now.

You can see paper sorted into the white desk there, more on that to come. I've finally got a paper solution, but am waiting on one more key piece before blogging about it. And you can see the closet that will hold the desk and shelving Paul and I will build [read: Paul will build, and I will boss Paul].

And that was the end of our long craft day. I've still got a bunch of stuff to put away but everything is on hold until I finish the painting, and then build in the desk and shelving, at which stage I will have a bunch more to work on. 

Left to accomplish:
  • Finish taping stripes, and paint the white light blue, in two coats
  • Install desk and shelving into closet
  • Install shelving and frames into the room
  • Fill desk and shelving with craft stuff - creating homes for stuff
  • Determine how much more storage is needed, if any
  • Label containers, cans and jars
Lots lets to do, and honestly I know I'm not going to be getting to it anytime soon. We have plans every night this week and then are away all weekend. I will spend some time taping the stripes and for sure doing the first coat, and hopefully the second, but the rest will have to wait. And I have to be ok with that. 

Also, I read this article and will be using May 1st, our 3 year wedding anniversary as an excuse to jump into the 30 day husband encouragement challenge. 

I love and enjoy Paul so much. He cracks me up. He is one of my favorite people. I trust him entirely, and would trust him with my life if such a situation occured. He is kind to me and likes me - loves me as well. Our marriage is great - we ran into each other on the bus yesterday by surprise and were both SO PLEASED to see each other unexpectedly. We couldn't stop grinning.  And similarly to how Abbie describes it, sometimes I'm not nice to him. Sometimes I am judgemental or suspicious - if there are two ways something he said can be interpreted, I'll often assume it was the mean or hurtful one. For for the sake of my heart, for the sake of obedience and for the sake of my wonderful wonderful husband and our marriage, I am excited to embark on this challenge. 

Challenge details here.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Melt-in-your-mouthChicken, Roasted Carrots & Broccoli
Tonight we are heading over to visit friends – Mark and Morgan – at 8pm. I wanted to make a meal that was fast but that I could put in the oven and leave for a while. From chicken to broccoli to vegetables this is an all oven-all the time sort of meal. This is perfect because while it cooks I’m heading downstairs to tape off my stripes in the closet I’m painting and then after eating will head down and do my first coat. The plan is to come back 4 hours later and paint the next set of stripes. If I’m too tired to do the second coat late tonight, I’ll get up an hour early on Tuesday and do it then. That way Tuesday evening we before dinner we can put in some of my desk and shelving.

Tuesday: YOYO (Your on your own)
It is a dear friends birthday so we will be out for dinner with her and some great friends.

Wednesday: YOYO (Your on your own)
May 1st is our 3 year wedding anniversary so Paul and I are heading out to dinner on Granville Island, then to Granville Island Theatre Sports – it should be a good time.

I have to do some grocery shopping for the weekend so after dinner I’ll be heading out to Costco, and therefore wanted something easy to make. You can get easier or more delicious than these Creamy Chicken Taco’s.
After shopping will make Cheese & Ham Biscuits and Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.

Friday & Saturday: T’s birthday weekend away
Paul and I will be away with some family and a few friends for my birthday. We’re staying a friends cabin’s family and it will be a small but great group of friends. My birthday party will be the following weekend since I’m turning 30 and really value being able to celebrate with a larger group of people but this weekend will be a nice start to my 30’s for sure.

Saturday Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito’s w. Guacamole
Saturday Lunch: Cheeses & Crackers (I grabbed Brie, smoked mozza, Boursin, and a few others at Trader Joes yesterday), Smokes & European Wieners to roast over the fire, and veggies and hummus.
Saturday Dinner: Baked Potatoes, Bacon Wrapped Steaks (from Costco, premarinated) and veggies kabobs.
Sunday Breakfast: Cheese & Ham biscuits, Banana Bread & leftovers
Snacks: Chips, Chocolate & Candy. Mmmmm.

Sunday: Cinco de Mayo

We will have JUST gotten back from my birthday weekend and we will be pretty tired but I do know that I will for SURE make something Mexican to celebrate the day!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random and a to do list

Lately there's been lots to fill my mind, like projects left to do around the house...

  • Linen Closet
  • The Cellar - food storage and holiday decor storage
  • Chalkboard Marker Conversion
  • Bathroom Cupboards
  • Under the Kitchen Sink
  • Junk Drawer Revamp
  • Kitchen Drawer Revamp
  • Chalkboard Calendar Creation
  • Command Center Makeover
  • Craft Room Overhaul
  • Craft Room Closet turned desk
  • Bookshelf Display
  • Repair back wall of Command Center - cover with Zebra print contact paper
  • The Pantry
  • Can Cupboards
  • Mud room

Like trying new outfits...

Stripes, Chambray, black skinnies and a pink belt? 
Yes, please.

And our bustling church life...

Friday night was CHAPEL - youth worship. 

and a church wide event on Saturday at van Dusen gardens - "Love Canada, Eh?" with Kevin York and Pastor Greg. 

Not only did I get to hang out with some amazing people [ holla to my new philipino friends!] but Kevin and Greg talked about multi-culturalism, Christianity and Canada. So great. 

Like going to bridal showers...

My dear friend Rebekah is marrying Anthony and we got to come together to celebrate them. It was a blast, and Rebekah's friend Naomi put together a gorgeous event. 


Best Devilled Eggs EVER
Although Brenda would want you to know they're actually called "Angelic Eggs"

Mason Jar Decor, love!

The beautiful bride, all decked out in her bridal shower finery

The super talented Naomi also made this sign, sorry for the poor picture quality.

Like meeting friends for lunch...

I've been out with Kayla this week to the Holy Perogy 

The Italian: pesto and tomato salsa perogies

I've also met up with Arlene, Lyndsay, Lindsay, Ereka, Ana, Mila, and many more for lunches downtown. I'm thankful for friends that will go out of their way to see me. 

Like having people over...

We've had so many random and/or planned events. The sun has made hosting extra awesome, complete with our ability to BBQ on the back porch. So stoked. We've had great visit and laughter that doesn't end until late - including a spontaneous party for a 6 friends that went until midnight on a Monday. Crazy!

Like planning my 30th birthday...

I turn 30 in two weeks and couldn't be more stoked. I'm going away with my sister's family and a few friends for a weekend, as well as hosting a big party at our house. Sooo excited for it all. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chalking it UP: DIY Chalkboard Calendar

One of my favorite blogs to follow is IHeart Organizing. I get so many of my ideas there. Recently Jen had posted about a chalkboard calendar she'd made for her son and I knew I'd be trying one myself. 

I also knew I didn't have the skills to make my own. I'd been on the look out for an inexpensive frame but hadn't seen anything awesome until I came across this baby at walmart for under $20. Perfect! It came in like 10 different sizes also. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Part One: Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Homemade Pizza; Chicken, Bacon & cheese sauce
We don't have any plans tonight, and after a hectic weekend I'm glad. Homemade Pizza is best made on a night with some time - especially since I'll be making up the recipe and who knows if it will be good!

There was much left over soup from the event on Saturday so Irene divvied up the soup amongst those of us that feed lifegroups and those that have giant famillies. All I'll have to do it add some buns and I have a bunch of cans of biscuits that I've been wanting to make. Score!

We both have plans in the evening but don't need to rush out - and ever since I saw this recipe at LIY I've been dying to make it.

Thursday: YOYO (Your on your own)
Everyone in the house is out at dinner time and will be able to forage for something if they need it. Paul and I are going to a showing of a Star Trek episode downtown with friends - this is obviously a gift for him :) and for dinner I'm meeting up with a girlfriend downtown before hand - Mila, that's you! Yay. 

I picked up some yellow thai curry sauce at Superstore and keep forgetting to try it - so I'm finally saying enough is enough and am going to see if I can make something at home that comes close in taste to what I get in a restaurant. 

Saturday: Basil Cream Chicken, pasta, roasted veg & salad
Paul will be out shooting guns with guys and I'll be at home organizing and decorating my craft room - so something tasty and fairly easy will be a nice end to the day. 

Sunday: YOYO (Your on your own)
Sunday we have a dinner to go to - and thankfully usually there are enough leftovers and random food bits to keep our gang at home happy. 

Part Two:
This past weekend was filled with church. 
Friday night was Chapel, a youth worship night. 
Saturday was "Love Canada, eh" - our whole church was getting together to talk about how to love Canadians - figuring out how to love any culture, and what it looks like to define Canadians. We had Pastor Kevin York in from Nashville to share on the idea of culture, and then Pastor Greg filled us in on Canadian. Not only was the instructional time excellent, but the time together as a family was a blast.
Sunday was church and a Deacon's meeting/dinner. And boy, both were amazing. I am so blessed to be a part of this church family. I mean, like, wow.

At both Chapel and church we sang the following song. Both times that it came on my heart began to beat to beat faster - my heart was stirred. 

There was a truth that I couldn't shake - it was a reminder of abundant forgiveness. 
It was a reminder of undeserved love.  
It was a reminder that in my sin - in my most shameful moments (and there are many) God sees me and loves me. ME. in my sin. And he dances, and dies for me willingly. How can this be true?
And more than just forgiveness He offers life and significance in him. 
I am the keeper of a coming kingdom - I am home to coming King. 

On the Friday night at Chapel, I almost left my seat to go share thoughts like this with the crowd. My heart felt like it was bursting and something needed to be said. But I felt also, like I needed to wait. I couldn't tell if I was chickening out or if I really was supposed to wait. Then one of the youth went up and spoke and it was perfect, and I knew it was good I didn't go up. Then on Sunday at church this song came on, my heart jumped and sped up and I knew that what I had to say was for church. 

Kevin York was in town preaching, and he was talking about being devoted to God - and that part of obedience is joy. We are supposed to have emotions and engage them in our Christianity. Not only is it healthy but it's part of the command. And when this song came on and I thought of where God rescued me from, the sin that I was a slave to, and so often still am, the emotion of His truth hit my heart. Worshiping Him came from a place of passion and intimacy, and love...joy. It was beautiful. And I couldn't shake an image of my most shameful moments, covered by Him, in abundant, ridiculous, love. I shared some of this with the church and it was so cool to see that they were feeling so many of the same things, and that as I spoke what God was moving in their hearts, God was touching them. I sat down to continue in worship, and had to kneel. And bawl. This God is very good. 

I am one - Miriam Jones

I am one of his disciples 
I am one who bears his name 
I am one of Satan’s rivals 
I am one and I am unashamed 

I am orphan made a daughter 
I am a harlot made a wife 
I’m a poor man called to dinner 
I am a stranger recognized 

Oh I am the image of a hidden glory 
Yes I am danced over died for willingly 
Oh I am the keeper of a coming kingdom 
and hallelujah I am home to coming King 

I am one of his defiers 
I am one of his runaways 
I have fought him to the wire 
And I have cursed him to his face 
But I am one who he has pardoned 
I am one who knows his grace 
Though the world my heart would harden 
His love avows to keep it safe

Friday, April 19, 2013

I spray painted a puppy or DIY Figurines

So lately I've been drawn to figurines. 
I'm going to go ahead and blame Sherry from Young House Love. 
Here are just some of the figurines she's worked on or bought. 

Also I've been loving spray paint and thanks to America I can get spray paint at Walmart in great colors for great prices. Yay USA!

A couple weeks ago I took a trip to Value Village and came home with a piggy bank for LG money (no pictures to come, it turned out poorly), an ugly cactus, a sad dog and a gold basket. 

I knew I wanted to turn the gold basket into a fun bright color and use it to hold napkins. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do to the cactus and dog, but I was thinking white or gold. 

Paul laid out a drop cloth for me. I was also working on my chalkboard calendar - more to come on that later. 

As you can see I tried painting a Christmas basket orange. I should have used primer first, it looked terrible. I eventually threw it out. 

But I gave the basket a coat with turquoise, the cactus with gold and the puppy with white. 

Sweet and sad, also ugly.

I liked the white but it didn't shine. 
So I tried gold. 
Great choice.

I LOVE my new basket now.

And though Paul can't understand why I would spray paint a dog and a cactus gold, I am so happy with these pieces.

They both found a home in our bookshelf.

All together, before and after.

Spray paint = $3.50 for each can. I hardly needed any spray though. I will get many more uses out of them. 
Gold basket $3.50, Puppy $2.99 and Cactus $1.99. Not bad for new decor pieces!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Command Center & filing cabinet upgrade

So I had two things left to do in my command center - revamp the back wall and the "filing cabinet". 

The Armoir that I have turned into a Command Center had a plain white back, that has a score down the center and two ripped corners. I knew I'd need a whole new back.

We were going to go to Home Depot and buy a piece of thin board to put on the back, when Paul noticed a giant piece of cardboard. So instead we snatched that up for free to bring home, since I was going to be covering it anyways. 

I'd bought some contact paper at Walmart - it was $5 a roll and I still have tons left. It was a great width, just needed two lengths of the paper. 

After cutting it and laying it down, I attempted to get it as lined up as possible, then slowly pulled the backing off while pressing down the giant sticker. I used a wallpaper scraper to make sure there weren't any bubbles.

Then I bought it upstairs to my husband. 
He grabbed some nails and attached it to the back. 

and VOILA!
Sorry for the fuzzy pictures - it was dark and my iPhone Camera works best in the mid day light. 

This project cost me $5 dollars up front for the contact paper, though I have lots left. Yes we used nails, though not more than 10 so I wouldn't say that cost more than $1. Win!

And for any savy spotters who noticed my new containers on the side, aren't they cute? 
I got them in the dollar section at target (for a dollar, haha). 
They are dry erase and I love their look. I used command hooks to hang them. 

Next up was my "filing cabinet" box. 
Remember this guy?

Then I added the files. It was handy but ugly. 

And now I had finally found some wrapping paper that I didn't hate. 
I really wanted chevron white and grey stripes but I'm pleased with this print I found at Walmart for $1.

And look! Gorgeous. 
I used the basic principles found here for the wrapping. 

This box was free (though I paid for the stuff inside the box, haha), the file folders were free at work (we were donating them to good causes, and of course I consider myself a good cause), and the wrapping paper cost $1. Yup. Pretty awesome. 


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