Thursday, May 28, 2015

Avelynn is 1 month

Avelynn is one month old! Well actually at this point she's 6 weeks old (this Friday) but I took these photos when she was one month but ran out of time to write this post #momproblems. The only reason I have free hands now is that Avelynn's Auntie Katie is currently baby whispering away with her. So thankful! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

A's Birth Story

Avelynn's birth story is one that I am excited to get down - writing helps me relive moments and man, this is an experience I want to relive. It was a high and nothing and everything like I expected. 

I was due April 5th, Easter Sunday. I was really really hoping she'd come that day - something about the achiever in me wanted to have her on the due date. BUT as April 5th came and went and Avelynn hadn't arrived I was resigned to that not happening. As I passed 41 weeks I was mostly just curious about how it would play out. I knew at 40 weeks plus 10 days (or 41 weeks and 3 days) they would induce me. That was Wednesday the 15th of April. I was hoping to avoid being induced - I hear that induced contractions are more painful and man, I wanted to not have more painful. We did numerous "no-stress tests" and two ultrasounds and we decided to keep waiting to see what we could come up with without induction. 

Things really started Monday with some light contractions - steady but definitely light. They continued overnight (though I could sleep through them) and through Tuesday steady but not super painful. By the evening though they were starting to feel more painful - we walked with the Maxwell's and had DQ. Walking with our family helped the spirits and the DQ was just nice. Then Paul and I headed home and I laboured through the night. By 4am Wednesday the contractions were coming every 1-2 minutes, lasting a full minute each time. We decided to head to the hospital since that was the timing we'd learned to watch out for in pre-natal classes. Unfortunately as soon as we got to the hospital the timing of the contractions slowed way down to 6 minutes apart! They did a non-stress test, monitoring the baby and my contractions (we'd had a few done in previous days) and confirmed that I was in labour but still very early and not dilated at all. They sent us home. 

Labouring in the nursery in the hopes the room would provide inspiration

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Life with Baby

And so life with baby continues. Avelynn is 3 weeks and 4 days old. She is super cute - we are in love with her for sure. So sweet. Paul is constantly taking pictures of her (with his flip phone) and sending them to his family. I love it. 

So far this whole thing is more overwhelming and more all encompassing than I ever imagined. It's wonderful and there are beautiful moments and I'm so thankful to have a baby and a beautiful, healthy one at that. I'm also amazed that people do this single or without support. We have people still bringing us food each day (I haven't cooked any meals since having her), we have had support from so many people and I have an amazing, helpful husband - how do people do it without all this help?

Our time in the hospital was great - the nurses were wonderful. From the Assessment Room, to Labour & Delivery up to the Post Partum ward the processes were smooth and the nurses were competent, helpful and kind. We had family and a few friends visit in the hospital - we tried to keep it to a minimum and that was wise but also we were very glad to have some visitors! 

My Dad & Avelynn

Paul, David (Paul's Dad), Ted (Paul's Grandpa) & Doreen (Paul's Grandma) with Avelynn

My Nephew Connor (and the rest of his family visited too)


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