Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dating for the Olympics

So over the past few years I have found it hard to blog with any regularity. There was a time in life that I wrote every day or at least 5 out of 7 days. In the past years it was sporadic, monthly at best. When I started this blogger account I hoped to at least double that. I seem to have succeeded. I am often inspired to write by my friend Kim who writes daily, I very much appreciate her daily updates. I often end up bored and to know I can pull out my phone and click on the updated blogs app and there will usually be something new to read; mostly thanks to Kim, but also my other lovely blog friends, is wonderful. Boredom you shall not win!

It is Sunday; halfway through the Olympics. I have worked every day since the Wednesday before the Olympics. I have worked 11 straight days; one day even working 2 shifts! I am working in the days at Fuse (a little Pan Asian restaurant in Yaletown) and in the evenings I am working with Paul at the Hamilton Street Grill's beer & burger tent (also in Yaletown).

Both jobs have perks; at the tent I make more, it's simple work (pulling pints, yelling at Paul to get more burgers, chatting with customers), and I work with Paul, Prakash  & Kathleen. At Fuse I get to sit or stand for part of my shift in the heart of yaletown and watch all the entertainers and tourists, I learn to make all the cool pan asian recipes they have, and meet new friends.

They both have cons. At the tent I work with one lady and one man who are not very hard working, which I can get over as Kathleen & I are capable of powering through even though they seem to be MIA most of the time; it's sharing tip pool with them at the end of the night that is frustrating. Also since things could get stolen we have to take apart the entire contents of the tent each night. This lasts about an hour; by this point my feet hurt. Even at the best of times I am not that great when it comes to having to lift & carry kegs and tables, so this is a bad time of the night for me. At Fuse there is one boss who is kind of scary and expects constant hard work (which I would be fine with; except if i had been told what the job actually entailed (dish washing for hours at a time, cooking on line and barely any serving - I would have not taken the job. Plus she pays 8 an hour but expects you to work as if it's 15 an hour, if that makes any sense).

Paul & I have been tossing around ideas of where we will spend the first night of our honeymoon. We have talked about both a B&B and a hotel. We have a list of pro's and con's. What are your thoughts?

Today is my first day off. Paul is not working either (it was his stag last night). We have a date. We will be going down to robson square and joining in the olympic fun. We have only experienced it thus far through working. We received an early wedding gift of tickets to women's curling tonight so we are headed over to watch an Olympic game! So fun!

Alright, I am off to have a wedding hair trial (woot woot), possibly buy an Olympic sweater and get ready to meet Paul.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wedding related update + Olympics

I only have a minute to write as I have to head out to work shortly but here I am writing from the heart of the Olympics! Living in Vancouver during these 2 week sure is exciting! Paul & I have both gotten jobs in yaletown (which is right near a few venues as well as where the opening & closing ceremonies are). While our jobs are only a block apart we work entirely opposite shifts. The restaurant I am working at has given me all day shifts and Paul works each night from 5pm until 2am grilling burgers in a beer tent. Oh well; we might not be able to see each other for 2 weeks but we are both working to save money towards our wedding, so we have a joint goal which helps.

Last night was an exciting wedding preparation night; I picked up all our centerpieces, and our wedding invites! Thanks to one of my amazing bridesmaids, Crystal, I was able to quickly label all the envelopes and last night put together many invites. Super fun! The more things we buy or book make this all the more real. We are getting married in 76 days (or so the top of this website tells me)!

We are having such fun planning; well lets be honest I am having such fun planning and Paul is enjoying talking over ideas with me, adding some of his own, and then letting me plan again. I <3 planning. Once the Olympics are we can start looking for a place to live. THis is Paul's big job. He is pretty excited. I love that he is doing that; I find looking for homes stressful. I am so excited to see what he finds us!

Alright, I am off to work until church; where I will not only get to worship God, see friends & family but also get to see Paul!


Edited to Add:

Home from work & church: Both were good. At work I stood outside manning our kiosk; it was great, got to experience Yaletown in the Olympics. Buskers, tourists, breakdancers, etc; All sorts of fun! Church was also great; got to sit with Paul. Since we work completely different shifts this is the only time I will have seen him over this while. I miss my love.

We were supposed to celebrate Valentines Day after church but he had to work cause his boss' family member is in ICU. So instead of being sad I ate tasty garlic pasta, heated up by me, made by the the people who freeze vegetables. I am drinking Disaronno on the rocks and catching up on TV. I will go to bed & sleeeeeep and be ready for work at 9:30. 

OH and when I was buying groceries tonight I found out my debit card was cancelled! So now I have to go into TD in the morning and find out what's up. Ugh.

ANyways; I am happy. I am not hungry. I am excited to marry Paul. I am enjoying living in the Olympic city, though we don't have cable and therefore can't watch the Olympics. 

Alright. Bed. Night

Monday, February 8, 2010


1. The soup turned out fantastic! I refrained from making Tomato soup since my freezer is small and I can only eat so much soup in the week; SO i made one BIG jar (I don't know their measurements but each jar holds at least 6 hearty bowls of soup) of celery soup that will now be called carrot soup since it is orange and one BIG jar of Asparagus soup. As of lunch today I have finished the carrot soup. It was really good. The Asparagus soup shall wait in the freezer until I finish eating the vegetables in my fridge that need to be eaten in salads. When they are gone, the soup shall be defrosted. Mmmm....and then I shall make tomato soup. Oh it is fun to make tasty, healthy soup.

2. The following makes me happy:

4. I have so much fun with Paul. I am very much in love with him. I can not wait to be his wife.

4. We booked our honeymoon. We are going to Puerto Vallarta; Palladium Vallarta to be exact. We will be staying for 11 days at this all inclusive resort. I am so excited I can barely handle it. Paul's step mom is a travel agent and got us a great deal! It is official then; May 3rd to 14th we will be in Mexico feeling super fancy and relaxed.
Here, take a look:

As you can tell I have only just begun to learn how to post pictures....but hey.


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