Monday, November 6, 2017


I have been mulling over thoughts on parenting lately. This feels like a minefield! So many opinions. So many ways of thinking. So much room for misperception or judgment. Even the mere thought of writing about motherhood is enough to make me question if I REALLY want to open this can of worms online. Before I continue it is important to note that my beliefs for my life with kids are just that, about MY LIFE. This isn't to say you need to do it like me, or that I think my way is right. It's just right for me. If you chose to stay at home because that fulfills you, awesome! If you chose to work full time because that fulfills you, awesome! If you chose to send your older kids to daycare during your mat leave so you get to bond with your newborn, awesome! Whatever you do, great. I just know what works for me and my family, tied with the fact that we live in an expensive city and there are some realities we need to work around :) Some of you live far from your "villages" or families and that is a reality - there is no judgement if you can't raise your kids in a village because of circumstances or choice. With that said...

First week home with 2 kiddos

I have found that as a Mom there is so much external pressure; almost all of it is well-meaning (I have to assume it's well-meaning, or that's just discouraging). As a Mom/Women I have some very strong convictions on balancing priorities: work / church / parenting / self-care / marriage / other responsibilities. This is something I read a lot about, think/pray a lot about, talk/listen with others about, and talk/pray with Paul about. 


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