Monday, January 30, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Dinner with the Chibota’s – they're cooking!

Tuesday: Pantry meal / entirely from pantry contents / Details TBD day of
Wednesday: Cheesy Spinach and Artichoke Penne
Thursday: Hamburger Helper
Friday: Cheeseburger Wraps
Saturday: Dinner at Paul’s grandparents
Sunday: Super Bowl Party! All manner of meat and/or cheesy appies

I am engaging on Tuesdays TBD meal because I do not know how many people I will be feeding, nor am I likely to know until just before the meal. I could schedule my usual meatball casserole but I have a very very stoked pantry with a few things in it that I rarely use. I’m hoping to challenge myself in to making something I don’t normally make…that or just use up things in my pantry that I always use. We’ll see.


I run a fairly organized house. To some it’s overly organized, to others its under organized, and to some it’s a normal amount of organized. To me it’s somewhere under what I’d like, but far enough that I usually feel like there is always more to do. I think this is fairly normal – that our normal is never quite enough.

This past week I have been tired. Tired. Actually these past few weeks I’ve felt this way. And as the weeks progressed strangely enough my family still needed to be fed, the laundry still piled up (dirty, in need of a wash, and clean, in need of folding), and the list of things I want/need(?) to do around the house kept growing. My lovely dishwashers (Husband and homestay student) are great at washing and drying the dishes, and have great intention regarding putting the dishes away, but for some reason they both put them in the strangest places. Therefore my organized shelves only remain organized so long as I daily go through them to find stray dishes and put them all away. Lately this has fallen by the way side.

I had breast reduction surgery 5 years ago this march. Best decision ever, but that’s a story for a different and possibly more private time. I started feeling pretty lousy physically as well this week, on top of the tiredness. Then one side of my chest started to ache and turn red. Obviously this was quite alarming. Turns out that I had caught an infection that is common to women either breast feeding (not me!) or who have had breast reduction surgery (me!). That was a relief as I was worried it might be something worse. Anyways I now have medicine and the pain is starting to abate.

The lesson in all this, though, was that I felt like God had been trying to get my attention about slowing down for some time. I even wrote a blog post about it a little while ago. I couldn’t figure out how to do that. It seems impossible. Then this happened and it really affected my body – I was exhausted, sore and in pain. I could no longer ignore God’s promptings for rest. Thursday I babysat my nephews. The original plan was to work on a few projects after they went to sleep. This would have been a good thing to do. There is no question of that. BUT sometimes good things aren’t the right thing. So when I put the boys down, I put myself down on the couch and slept until Jenna and Colin returned home at 10:30. I got 2 hours and it was lovely. I went to bed and was asleep by 11am, sleeping until 7am. Friday morning, despite the pain, I was feeling much better. We had a long, non-negotiable night ahead of us. BUT I knew that Saturday I could put aside my good plans and chose the better plan of sleeping and resting.

Saturday should have been filled with laundry, cupboard reorganization, grocery shopping and general tidying. Instead I slept until 11am, got up, made “lunch” and read a book, then at 1 I went back to sleep until 3pm. It was so wonderfully wasteful.

Sunday I went grocery shopping and then joined my family for the BC Alzheimer Societies Walk for Memories in support of my parents who were the honoree’s for the walk this year. This was a non-negotiable, and a great time. BUT we did chose (for the first time in the past year) to skip church. We chose to rest (and work on the hubby’s Teaching School Applications). We went to bed by 10pm having completed that task, and having rested. It was again a win.

I start this week with a kitchen full of dirty dishes, clean clothes piled on my bed, clean towels thrown into a corner on the floor, shelving/cupboards in disarray and two bags of non-perishable groceries sitting on my kitchen floor needing to be put away.

I also start this week having spent quality time with my husband; feeling very connected to him and very much in love.

I start this week having spent time with God, growing in intimacy and love with him; knowing that he loves me even when I put everything aside and sleep.

I start this week ready for a new week, ready to chose the right things and ready to see what comes my way.

I call this a WIN.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Parmesan Garlic Knots

I made these, Parmesan Garlic Knots, a few weeks ago. Everyone at dinner gobbled them up and I will be making them again in the next while. So tasty! I'll let you pop over there for the recipe but here are my photos of the experience.

From the cans

Bread knots that look like poop


And awesome

Served with mashed potatoes, veggies and roast beef
I will make this over and over again. Please try this at home :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday catch up

Friday night we had a youth Worship night called Chapel - it was our first night and it was awesome. 30-40 kids aged 13-20 worshiping, awesome. 

Here's me with some of the girls - and a pair of teeth. 
This was before the night started - then there was sweet worship and later there was an after party at our friends house. Awesome. 

Today my husband kept reminding me that I needed to rest. We went to sleep at midnight last night...I woke up at 8am this morning. Paul got up but I went back to sleep until 11am. Then I got up, made a seafood pasta lunch, and went back to sleep by 1pm and slept until 3pm. Awesome. 

I headed out to buy some supplies to make a sign for our families team in the Walk for Memories. Love a reason to make things.

Then we got dressed up and headed out for dinner with our friends, Mark and Morgan. 
We enjoyed dine out Vancouver at Wild Rice and a coffee at Starbucks. 
Great conversation, great food, and a lovely night. 

Lately I've been trying to do more outfit picture posing. But let me tell you that I am not great at capturing things - my husband does not love capturing things - and also it was dark this time when we tried.

Outside our house - not ideal
Inside our house - Paul's so tall it always looks like he's taking the photos from way above.
I need to figure out how to do this better, haha. 

Alright, off to finish watching Zoolander with my hubby. Happy

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meme & more photos

Last night we had a lovely night with our friends Emily and Rob. We got to visit their house, eat delicious food, and enjoy great conversation. It was a fairly perfect night. Plus since they get up early and therefore go to bed early it meant we could get to bed on time. Win Win Win! Paul started to fall asleep on the drive home. When we finally made it home he went straight to bed. I went to the bathroom and then straight to the bedroom. I found him immediately asleep. 

Today I woke up bright and early, made lunches, got packed and spent some quality time with God.

And in case you think I might possibly look good one I cycle in to work and before I shower, think again:
This is literally the look on my face every day as I walk into the change rooms
Though I do think I scrub up a least a bit nicely:

One of the blogs I read was tagging anyone who read her blog…
So I tagged myself, cause that’s what I like to do:
11 Facts about me:
1. It took me 27 years to start liking Zucchini. Now it is my favorite vegetable and I use it in 95% of the things I cook.

2. I have such ridiculous and varied tastes, that my husband has to keep a list of “Things Tara likes” so that he knows what to get me at Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Safeway, the Florist, etc. He finds this ridiculous…but is sweet and tries anyways. (and as much as I love him, I can say that even with the list, he’s often still not gotten quite the right thing…but I’m so aware that it’s the thought that counts that I always feel very loved anyways)

3. I don’t drink coffee without added flavor; syrup, creamer, etc. Flavored Creamer is cheaper in America. Therefore every time I go there I stock up. Currently I have 5 opened flavored creamers in my fridge and 10 more frozen in my freezer. I also have 3 open syrups on my counter for pumping, and a stock of 4 more of each in my pantry.

4. It bothers me that my computer corrects my typing every time I use the Canadian English spelling, rather than the American. Flavour is a real word. So is labour. And colour. Stop red underlining my words, word!

5. I separate all my music in to playlists that are mood related. “Happy” “Moody” “Emo” etc. I generally hate listening to entire albums, as I feel music fairly deeply and hate going from a slow song to a fast song.

6. I have hip hop / rap / top 40 next to worship / sermons next to mellow, quiet Imogen Heap type music. I think my music collections reads likes it’s super confused about who it is.

7. When I was 21 I thought I was Barbie. I was thin with a larger than normal top half (trying to avoid saying boobs, dang it), blonde with pink highlights, and drove a pink car. Later that year I thought I was a black rapper, which equally did not suit me.

8. I own many many books. I think we own around 1000 books…and 85% of those are mine. And I have read every book I own. And every book I own that is chick lit has been read at least 5 times….some up to 20. I could not afford to keep myself in new books.

9. Last October I had back surgery – this makes me sound like an old lady. BUT because of it I am much happier and healthier so yay!

10. This means I have twice had major surgery (breast reductions and back / disk surgery) / this is a fact that for some reason I really like about myself.

11. I'm a very hard person to live with if you're a female. I can get really mean, bossy, and stubborn sometimes. (I straight up stole that first sentence from Aunie Sauce but it sooo applies to me also). Women can come live with me and Paul in our house, and since we are in charge it would all be fine. But if we need to share our space and make it ours? No way. Not going to work. For years I blamed my roommates – I think I am finally owning up to the truth…it may have been me.

12. I am a couch person, but since September I would rather bike than skytrain to work. This shocks me, and most people who know me. Every time people see me they say “So, you still riding?” and I know they are expecting me to say, “nope!”…but alas, I surprise them and me by getting on my bike every morning and every afternoon and being healthy…and environmentally friendly…and saving money. And it is lovely.

And here are the questions I need to answer:

1. What person do you look up to the most?
Hands down, my Auntie Sandy. Next is my Nana, who is also awesome. As I think about who I want to be, the woman that my Auntie Sandy is, helps me have a marking post. She listens, she cares, she laughs, she joins, she prays, she is godly, and she is not afraid to call you on your stuff and still love you while doing it. God was very kind to me when he put her in my life.

2. What is your dream car?
Can I tell you the truth? My dream car may or may not exist…let me tll you what it needs, and if you have heard of it, you can tell me if it exists.
It must have room for the same amount of people as a van, but also be able to easily convert to have room for Paul and I to sleep in the back so we could stay overnight at Walmart’s. I’d like for it to be pretty and shiny (there are a few colours that would do). It must easily fit my giant husband, and have MANY cupholders.
Our new car has one cupholder. I find this actually insulting. How rude!

3. If you could collect one thing, what would it be? Friends! And I already do. Ridiculous but true.

4. If you could get rid of one of your bad habits, which would it be?
This is gross to admit, but hey, here we go. Since I was 16 I scratch my head. All the time. I have that baby’s skin thing cradle cap. So I scratch it. It bleeds. Then it hurts…and I keep scratching. Now I am 28 and I still do this to myself. Ridiculous.

5. What is your FAVORITE thing about yourself?
That I am funny. I think you ca
n learn most other character pieces (to listen more, to talk more, etc) but you can’t really learn to be funny…and I think I’m funny.
Not to brag but my friend Morgan (who is one of the funniest people I know or that most of my friends know) says I’m one of the funniest people she knows…yes!

6. What is one thing you would change about yourself at this very moment?
I would have remember to pack an undershirt today so that I could be wearing it under my sweater dress…because I am slightly chilly.

7. One thing you would change about the world?
May I be overly Christian right now? I wish people in the whole world knew Jesus…the real Jesus…and actually knew him, not just knew of him. I sincerely believe this would change the other problems in the world.

8. Do you make your bed everyday? Explain.
2 out of 3 days. I miss the days when my husband was up after me so he had to make it. I feel I have screwed myself over there.

9. 3 things you would want on a deserted island? Only 3...
3 things…but can I have people also? Some sort of fish catching device that also catches animals (because my deserted island is filled with peaceful but tasty animals), A solar powered iPhone with good reception and one lululemon outfit.
Also I would bring Paul and My sister and her family. I’d take more friends but I think the island might get to crowded and all the animals/food might leave

10. Would you rather be a business-person or homemaker?
Home maker for sure!

11. No new clothes for the rest of your life or no new shoes? No new shoes, for sure.

And I know I am supposed to come up with new questions for y’all as per this meme but I am just too tired today to do so – so if you want to play along you can answer the same questions as me, ha ha!
Love, T

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Outfits at work & a picture post

Paul and his great Aunt Jenny
 Me in my new shirt - fashion show!
Monday Outfit
 Tuesday outfit
 Tuesday outfit, without the cardigan. 
Also...just noticed how not clear these photos are.
 Ruffles and pearls! and I guess boobs
 Braids...and biking clothes hanging behind me at my desk
 Wednesday outfit
 I forgot to do my hair and it looks cute!
Thank you awesome hair dresser.

 Me at work on Friday
Coffee and treats on Sunday with friends
(Thanks Janelle Stevens for the kick ass pep talk for God)

and again....
I am happy at home on the couch...laptop and beer in hand, husband in shower, about to head out to visit wonderful friends. Life is very good. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday
Monday: Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps
Tuesday: Orzo Salad w. Chicks on Sticks
Wednesday: Dinner with friends
Thursday: Freezer Casserole (not sure which one I'll be grabbing, otherwise I'd link up for you)
Friday: Hamburgers
Saturday: Double Date with Mark & Morgan at Wild Rice
Sunday: After-church-pasta with the whole church at my Aunt’s place.

I have a real blog entry brewing. This weekend was full of God. Of goodness. Of family. Of joy. Of lovely times with my husband. Of friends. Of dumplings. Of church….of all good things. I hardly know where to begin. So for the moment, I will let it steep and later try to digest it all.

But for now I can say that I am excited for the week ahead – we will have two double dates with friends, one night doing discipleship group and life group, a night for Paul of youth and for me babysitting my nephews, the first ever Youth Worship Night “Chapel” and house party afterwards, and the Walk for Memories, in honour of my parents...many from our family and church will join us. We will be supported and it will be good.

This week God will continue to move. And it will be good.

Fill in the...

I saw this over at Aunie Sauce

I'm weird because...
no one seems to think like I do. I’ll often say to a group, “I’ll just go ahead and say what everyone is thinking”…and when I am done they look at me like I am crazy and usually they say, “Tara, no one was thinking that”
I get too invested in the lives of fictional characters (books, movies, tv). Seriously, if a character in a book is bugging me, I’ll “stop talking to them”, put the book down (or through it) and not pick it up until I’ve cooled off. Ridiculous.

I'm a bad friend because...
I’m so busy. It’s hard to find time to see people when they need / want me.

I'm a good friend because...
I will work so hard to find the time! and I will love you and listen to you and feed you. And probably event plan your wedding for free.

I'm sad because...
I have to pee and I don’t want to get up.

I'm happy because...
I'm pretty much always happy.
I have many friends who love me.
I think I am finally beginning to believe I may be beautiful.
my house is cozy and warm.

I'm excited for...
my road trip around America to Nashville, TN with Paul
the school of ministry for 2 months in Nashville, TN
lifegroup, discipleship group and all manners of ministry
stepping out more in the things God has for me – pushing my comforts to see him move.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Today's Outfit

And on a slightly lesser note, here is my outfit from today.

Totally cute, right?

Until I noticed the following stains on the side.

Le sigh, at least I tried.

Of faith and exhaustion

Today I am a tad bit overwhelmed.

Life is busy and full of many wonderful things. Usually I love that. These past few weeks I’ve been torn in a tension of loving ministry, loving time with people, loving to stretch myself when someone needs a late night phone call, emergency date, last minute prayer time…and needing time to cook, clean and meet other obligations. What does it look like to invite the world into my life, to step out in to other people’s lives and to be a good steward of the time, resources, energy and people God has put in my life?

Through all of this I chose to remember that God is with me. I see him give me grace in moments, patience in other moments…I see him pull things together that save me time, and I see myself choosing to rest in his peace when needed. That being said, all the things that I’d like/need to do still weigh heavily on my mind.

Monday I had a doctor’s appointment, a tutoring appointment (to help someone with pages for Mac), dinner out, a deep life charting conversation, and a 3 hour hang out at a friend’s house. Tuesday I had Discipleship group from 6-7:30, Life group from 7:30 to 9 and a planning/vision meeting with the pastor from 9 to 10:30. Wednesday we got to relax, but there was of course dinner to make, lunches to make and a house to tidy. Last night was dinner, a phone date with a faraway friend, and a hang out at my sisters for 3 hours.

Each of these nights where filled with wonderful things. Things I love. I love meeting with women. I love talking to them, praying with them, laughing with them. I got to have deep, meaningful, joy filled times with 5 different ladies. I got to have wonderful, deep conversations with my husband, and my uncle/pastor and his wife. We got to wrestle through the ideas for our future and ministry and careers. We got to pray together and enjoy friendship with my aunt and uncle – what a gift! I got to spend time with my husband, drink beer, catch up on PVR’d TV…and eat food I love! AND go to sleep cuddled up with my sweetest love.
And as much as writing that paragraph is bringing a huge smile to my face, and almost tears to my eyes at the joy of life,

Tonight we have a Chinese New Year’s party to go to. The international ministry at our church is hosting it – it perfectly matches a few of the things we care about (people and campus aged people) and lines up with the priorities of our church (multi cultural & multi generational), so we want to make an effort to support what they are doing – plus, dumplings! The party is half an hour away from 7 to 10. We will be bringing our Chinese homestay student, Karen, who is so excited.

Tomorrow we have a surprise birthday brunch for Paul’s Nana and a surprise open house for her also at 2pm. I have to bring some sweets – so I think tonight after work I will be jetting home to bake two types of treats before the Chinese New Year’s Party (I’m making Apple Toffee Blondies & Cranberry Bliss Bars).

Sunday I have a dear out of town friend coming over for brunch at 10am, then a campus ministry leaders prayer/vision at our place at 2pm, church at 3:30 (where I am hosting again) and then a Campus Vision Night/Dinner after church.

Every one of these days is filled with good, life giving things…but oh, so many of them!

Then I talk with Paul, and in the past he’s often said that I don’t have to be as busy as I am…that I could say no to people. And while that is true, how do I say no to my sister, whom I love and whose relationship with me is so life giving and that I need? How do I say no to my other best friends, whom I love, whom I also need to be in relationship with, and who I get to pray/talk/grow with? How do I say no to a friend who calls crying wanting to talk or to visit? How do I say no to praying with a friend? How do I say no to attending a vision meeting for something I care so much about? Or how would I ever say no to church involvement, when it is so vital to my faith? And why would I ever want to say no to these things?

Is there no way to say yes, in faith? Faith that God gives me the room to breathe? That in the crazy busy he gives me space? That he guides my steps and cares intimately about everyone that I care about, because he put his heart for them in me?

I believe there has to be. I just have no idea what that looks like. Sometimes I think I’m walking in it – and then an anxious/overwhelmed day hits and I wonder if I really was.

Thank God it is not up to me. Seriously, thank you God. It is up to you. You give me the strength to walk out the things you've put in front of me. You fill my days and actions with power and love. Your joy is my strength, and your unending love drives me to extend the same to others, that they might taste the joy of the Lord. It is up to God, and not me, and I can get through the rest of this tired, sleepy, Monday-feeling Friday because of that truth.

Also how do I say no to cleaning? Because seriously, I’d love to say no to that.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pictures and one line

In the locker room about to head home on my first snow day

The bike room at work - you can tell it's ridiculously cold and only the ridiculous are biking.

The snow views on the way home

Sweater Dress - after biking in the snow

Pub food - a reward for two days biking to and from work in the snow

Wings, Quesadilla & Beer

Lastly, I'm home for the evening with my husband and some PVR'd tv...Happy, happy, happy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cycling in the snow

It has been snowy here all weekend and a bit of last week. Last week we were praying and fasting. So between the cold and lack of food I decided to skip my daily bike commute and transit. This week though I needed to get back on track – especially after the missed week over the holidays! Thankfully when I weighed after the holidays I was at the same weight I was before the holidays – considering all I ate, and how little I exercised (read, not at all) this was a huge win. I weighed myself this morning after one week of riding and one week without, and I was down another 3 pounds. So this was a good morning.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment after work so I was unable to ride my bike in the morning (as I’d have no time to ride it back before my apt). I was glad though because it is quite snowy here – on the ground and for part of the day falling from the sky. I talked with the big boss here (who is an active cyclist) and he told me about his commute in that day, how to be safe in the snow and that I should keep trying despite the weather. So this morning at 7am, I bundled up and got ready to hit the snowy streets. And when I say bundled, I mean BUNDLED. 2 pairs of short white excersize socks, 1 pair of knee high black socks. 2 pairs of leggings (one under the knee high socks, one over). A sports bra, t shirt, long sleeved t shirt, sweater and running jacket. Fleece neckwarmer, Headband worn over ears, ball cap and helmet. 2 pairs of gloves. Somehow I managed to feel slim today, even in all that - weird.

As you can see, I was not pumped.
This is the view as I left my warm house and headed to the garage to get my bike. Foreboding, I’d say.
 Thankfully many of the bike routes were salted and clear, and those that were not were packed and smooth (not slippery). It was an uneventful, safe ride…and the joy of being out in the cold, near snow….defeating the elements…well it felt quite victorious.

Monday was busy at work - I didn't even have time to post my pre made menu plan! I did manage a second to take a picture of my outfit...which was really not that exiting.

After I got home from the doctor’s (yearly check ups – always so fun…especially when ended with my birth control shot – yikes) my Uncle (and Pastor) Greg, came over to have a quick lesson on Pages. He had asked me 8 questions a week ago, and in my last appointment with an Apple Employee she had amazingly answered all my questions. It was nice to help him with some information, given that over the years he has counseled and lead me (as an employee, family member and church member respectively) so well and graciously. Then he invited Paul and I over to dinner with his family…which we always happily accept. After dinner Paul and I got to sit with Uncle Greg and Auntie Debbie and talk about our future – and what our next steps are on our path towards wanting to be in ministry together and pastor a church. It was encouraging and helpful – Uncle Greg is always so gracious with praise and encouragement, he really is an amazing Pastor and Uncle!

Afterwards Paul and I scooted home to have half and hour together on the couch before I headed off to spend a lovely evening with my friend Sarah. I got home around 10, whipped up a batch of my veggie and meatball Pasta (recipe posted earlier today)

Today is another normal day of work - done at 4 as normal. I've managed to capture my outfit today as well! I'm on a roll.

Tonight I have Discipleship Group (or Women’s Bible Study) from 6 to 7:20 / Lifegroup from 7:30 to 9 / Meeting with Uncle Greg from 9 until 10. Phew! May the ride home be very peaceful because man, it’s going to be a busy night! Despite the busy-ness though, it will be a wonderful night. D group is with two of my dearest friends – and we get a chance to talk about God in each other’s lives, pray together and challenge each other. Lifegroup is combined with our old group and we will be meeting as a post lifegroup time – it will be wonderful to be together to celebrate what God has done.

Tomorrow though, we’ll have a tasty and easy dinner and then we’ll relax until 9:30 when I get to have a phone date with a dear friend in Edmonton. So that’ll make up for the rush of Tuesday.

Menu Plan Monday & Must Try Mondays: Veggie & Meatball Pasta...on Tuesday yet again

Monday: Dinner at my Aunt & Uncle’s / make Tuesday’s dinner

Tuesday: Veggie & Meatball Pasta (made Monday - see below for recipe) / Leave half at home for Paul and Karen, take half to my girl’s Bible Study
Wednesday: Chicken Wings & Roasted Veggies
Thursday: Hamburger Wraps
Friday: Chinese New Year Party / Dumplings!
Saturday: Family birthday – brunch then open house
Sunday: Breakfast > Baked Mexi-Egg wraps w. Guacamole

Must Try Mondays: Veggie & Meatball Pasta
This is one of my go to recipes. If I need something quick, easy, on hand and delicious I always make this. I generally serve it with some type of warm bread/roll and a side salad. I receive never ending compliments and it feels like cheating

Veggie & Meatball Pasta


• 1 package of premade meatballs (I buy in bulk at Costco and then just add as many meatballs as I want)
• 1 can Marinara Sauce (I love Hunt’s 4 Cheese)
• 1 can Alfredo Sauce
• Vegetables, chopped (Zucchini, mushrooms, spinach, etc)
• ¼ of an onion, diced
• 1 TBSP minced Garlic
• Oil, becel or butter (depending on personal preference)
• 1 package of noodles, cooked and drained
• Garlic & Onion Salts
• 2 cups of grated cheese (mozza and cheddar both work well)


Put water on to boil, cook pasta and drain.

Put oil, becel or butter in pan, add diced onions and garlic. Slowly add vegetables, in the order that they need cooking in (Ie. Spinach will take longer so I put it in first, then the Zucchini and then the mushrooms, as they take the least amount of time). Flavour this mixture with Garlic and Onions Salts as you prefer. Once cooked toss mixture into large mixing bowl. Pour both the Marinara and Alfredo sauces into the mixing bowl. Add the meatballs and cooked pasta. Add one cup of grated cheese. Mix all together.

Spoon or pour into casserole dish (I find this recipe makes more than one large casserole dish so I often use it in one large dish and one small dish, for two meals). Cook for 30 minutes at 450. Top with remaining cheese and bake at 500 for another 10 minutes, or until cheese is bubbly and golden.

Serve with salad and breadsticks/buns/rolls. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend update, haha

Jewellery stand - all filled up!

Tonight I made dinner for Paul's dad and Stepmom (Carol). It was Carol's birthday last Sunday but she was at home sick - so this week we had her over for dinner. Carol is an amazing cook so I figured I had to pull out all the stops. Also Paul had caught some Salmon this summer with his Dad so it seemed fitting to serve one of them that we'd frozen. 

The menu: 
Zesty Herb Salmon
Garlic Sauteed Green Beans
Herb & Garlic Rice
Zucchinni Boats (

I'll admit I didn't follow this recipe flavour for flavour. 
I removed the curry and added garlic and onion salts, didn't remember to add the tomatoes and added spinach sautéed with the onions.


Friday night was awesome. Our church had a worship celebration night to end the fast. It was amazing. So exciting. Afterwards we all headed out to Earl's (pictures posted yesterday) and then to my cousin Jonathan's to watch Enemy of the State...Paul and I left halfway through because we were sleepy and I was finding it too stressful. 

Saturday we woke up at 9ish and laid in bed cuddling until 11am, which rocked. We are super enjoying this pre-kids stage, knowing that this will pass once we have kids. Afterwards I headed to Costco to grocery shop and then unpacked groceries at home. Our friends the Saffold's came over for the afternoon/evening. It was lovely. I love the chance to catch up with Shannon and Paul works with Josh and enjoys him greatly. It was perfect. We had lovely conversation and lovely dinner (also posted last night). 

Today was  a great day for finishing getting tidy, and watching Paul sadly watch his Green Bay Packers lose their important game. He was quite sad. 

Tonight at church I hostd the service, again so nervous! But also prepped coffee and got to catch up with friends, and have some time to worship God. Very good times. 

Then the aformentioned family dinner....and now it's off to bed after SNL and some Pan Am. 

Night, y'all

Photo update

Paul and I went on a date - this is us getting ready. You can't see how cute my dress is in this photo, sadly
 Outfit, Monday.
 New iPhone case!
 Outfit: Tuesday
 Breaking the fast dinner at Earls

Dinner for friends 

Details to come on the Parmesan Garlic Knot Bread and the Beef tenderloin with Horseradish Cream Sauce. 
Paul installed things for me.  
Pajamas' and Scarves 

New Years Eve Decorations - finally posted


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