Monday, March 12, 2018

Twin Preggo Life, the start of the third trimester

I'm 31 weeks pregnant with twins and let me tell you, this is one of the most humbling and challenging things I have ever done. I mean also, I'm super lucky and have pretty easy pregnancies, all things considered. I also knew that for most people each pregnancy gets a little harder (whether that's cumulative or just age related) but this combo of third pregnancy and twins pregnancy is hardcore. The last couple months I've been feeling rundown and tired but that's to be expected in pregnancy, especially since I'm working part-time AND looking after two littles the rest of the week. It hit me though in early February in a new way and emotionally I was SPENT. So at the beginning of that month after an afternoon of tears, we made a new plan.

A friend had suggested I stop working, but really the work isn't what is exhausting, it's the childcare. Bailey is sweet but she's a way more clingy 1 year old than Avie was at that age. She has constant physical needs that add up over the day. This has been quite the strain on my body and emotions. She's a bit trickier to please than Avie was also. So when my friend suggested I give up work it made me think, if I'm willing to give up my pay by not working, maybe I just take all my pay, and pay for a third day of childcare. Best plan ever. My stress levels went down right away. My body really needed it. It also helped that in those first weeks I got to go away for a weekend with 2 of my best friends, and now a new great friend, all 4 of us moms with young kids. Three of us were heavily pregnant, due within 10 weeks of each other, ranging from 27 weeks to 37 weeks. We rented a house, we ordered fresh prep rather than meal planning and generally did as little as humanly possible. We ate when we wanted, we slept when we wanted, we talked when we wanted (which ended up being quite a lot). It was relaxing and perfect and I didn't realize how much my preggo body needed that break. I dropped a Cheeto on Friday night and didn't have to bed to pick it up. It stayed there until we left. Now that's a pregnant mom in full freedom. And it was lovely. I'm very thankful for that time with wonderful women and such rejuvenation.

I'm the least pregnant one in the group of us preggos and yet showing the largest #2babies


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