Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Week of School

So it's the last week of classes.
Really crazy. 

This week we have some final assignments to do. 
We also have a few group discussions to have. 
We have a vision/prayer assignment for Pastor James. 

But the biggest thing we have to do is study. Study study study. 
We have a big final exam on Thursday for all the vocabulary we have learned and for the review statements we have. There are like 10 sheets of 10-30 statements each that we need to memorize and there are at least 100 vocab words to memorize with their definitions. Phew!
The test is done as a team game. There are a few different types of games. So basically every person on the team needs to know all aspects because we will be quizzed on it all. 
The price is real money. 
So it matters. 
Like $400 of mattering. 
I am one of the three team leaders. I have 7 team members and I like our chances, though all the teams are pretty even. After class today my team huddled in the back and studied for an hour. We will do the same at lunch tomorrow and Wednesday, and after schools as well. We will continue to practice with our roommates and also before class. We are intent on being amazing. 

So with that being said, there's a lot on our plate this week AND we have dinner plans with a few different local families and so that takes up time (though will be awesome fun). So I will be not blogging regularly this week, if at all. 

I'll be back for sure by the weekend - Friday is our graduation and Saturday is our last day in TN. Sunday morning early we leave for Destin, FL and our roadtrip begins!

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