Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Food Prep for Travel

In a shocking twist, the School of Ministry is almost over. Ok it's not so shocking. Really it just makes sense. 8 weeks and we're 6 and a half weeks in. Only one and a half weeks left. Well one week and 2 days. Yikes. 

So I'm getting ready to be on operation $20-a-day-for-food during our travels. Now there needs to be considerations - we can only refrigerate not freeze once we're on the road, so I can really only cook food for the first week and then we need to have other ways to keep food costs down. For example, we can keep milk in our cooler, so we can do things like cook Tuna Helper or Chicken Helper on our camp stove. Boring, yes, but cost effective allowing us to see America and have the summer adventure of a lifetime. And since I've already bought these things in our school food budget, this means we can save more daily over the travel times.

But there are some things I can cook. AND there are some deals to be found while we're here as we prep for our travels. My goal is to make roughly 5 meals worth of breakfasts, lunches and dinners to eat over 7 days - so that we can eat out, regionally, for 2 meals each week. We still want to experience the places we visit and their food, and save money. 

So this week at Costco I saw roasted chickens for $5. Excellent. I decided to make this into one Nashville dinner and travel lunches. By the time I was done I still had a bunch of chicken leftover that I will turn into another Nashville dinner or two. 

The roasted chicken deskinned and ready to be shredded.

Leftover chicken after one dinner's worth and lunch meat was removed.

I decided to make chicken pockets. I bought biscuits at Walmart. I then roasted veggies (broccoli, peppers and Zucchini) added diced tomatoes and mixed all with garlic salt, Johnny's garlic seasoning and mayo. I threw in some shredded cheese. 

Then I opened my cans of biscuits (on sale from walmart). I spread them out as wide and thin as I could get them, so there would be a great ratio for filling. 

I then put filling on the bisuits

Added a top biscuit and then pinched the sides all closed.

Ready to be baked.
I turned the oven to 425 and baked for 15-20 mins.

Mmmm tasty looking. 
The only thing I would change would be to pinch them tighter even closer so they couldn't open during baking. 

Then into the freezer to be frozen until we begin our travels.

Then into a ziplock for freezing.

Next up? Pasta, Rose Sauce, roasted veggies and meatballs. Looking forward to cooking them AND eating them. Mmmm. Love me some meatballs!

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LeAnna et David said...

Great ideas!

I think that if you make the biscuit circles really large, and then just fold them over the filling (instead of doing a top and a bottom) you might have an easier time pinching them closed and not having filling escape. They won't be round tho, but look more like a pizza pocket. And if you use a fork on the edges it might help. That said my turnovers always get gaps in them anyway--but I don't do well with dough.


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