Monday, July 16, 2012

Pastor Greg & last week

Tuesday and Wednesday were full days of learning. 
I'll get into that in a moment.

But first - my outfit from Wednesday!
Animal print shirt from Zellers, and a necklace from Jenna.

Wednesday night I made healthy appies - lightly breaded Zucchini, Squash, Potatoes and Chicken. 
Only fairly tasty - I tried a new breading (Fryin' Magic) and it wasn't great.
Not terrible but not awesome. 

Thursday night I made an alfredo veggie dish with a small bit of pasta. 
I also made crescent rolls and Yoshida Trout.
Man, that Yoshida Trout tasted like heaven.

Alright, now back to word blogging:

Uncle Greg (or Pastor Greg Mitchell - depending on who you talk with) was with us in class Tuesday and Wednesday. It was awesome. 

He did his Life Change Seminar with us. It's a lot of what I've heard from him before but oh my goodness it was amazing and I'll admit, totally life changing. He basically takes us through the truth of the gospel, of the living gospel. Not only a saving gospel, but a gospel that empowers us to live for Christ. That is truly life changing when you get it. 

We talked through our root purpose in life. He explained how love redeems our life. That we were created to be in relationship with Jesus Christ, and that from there we were create for relationship with others as well. Love redeems our life - it gives us significance and security. We define discipleship relationally, not behaviourally. Christianity is not a journey of self improvement but of considering others as better than ourselves. And while these are truths I've heard since becoming a christian, it was so refreshing to be taught them over again. These are truths that I want ingrained on my heart. 

I don't want to go too deeply into what Greg taught since he teaches an amazing seminar and it's best taught by him but oh man, our whole class was thoroughly enjoying all that he taught. 

Wednesday he taught us the Truth, Repentance and Faith model he teaches back home and it was such a great reminder of how to live a life of humility and honour towards God. In the afternoon he taught us a model of Prayer Ministry. I've been taught this a few times by him before and seen it in action, and a refresher course was definitely appreciated. I've used it a few times this summer, so having the process laid out again was much appreciated. We got to see it in action in class, and then spent time together doing prayer ministry. It is so cool to see people being freed to walk in all that God has to offer them. 

After class on Wednesday Paul and I drove Uncle Greg to the airport and then headed home ourselves. It was lovely to catch up with him. We shared about our summer and he shared about back home. It helped tide off the homesickness that can sometimes come on us. I mean, we're having a great summer, but we sure do love our family, friends and church back home. 

Wednesday night involved a lot of resting after the crazy intense days of learning - thankfully we'd finished all our homework for the week on Sunday and boy were we glad about that!!

Thursday and Friday were spent learning a lot about a multitude of subjects including ethics and strategic planning with Kevin York. It was a time of learning, conviction and growth, at least for me! It lead to some amazing conversations at home that night with Paul and much opportunity to create a value/ethics system and see God bring conviction and healing. Sooo great. 

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