Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend and Engage 2020 2

For lunch we went to Chipotle. It was my first Chipotle experience. While I found it over priced, the 2 taco's I had were tasty and the hint of cilantro in them was a treat for the mouth for sure. Paul loved his mexi bowl. We also shared some chips and salsa and they did have great chips. It was more than I like to spend on lunch for two people at fast food ($15) but the taste levels were high and Paul said his bowl even had some kick to it.

Also we got to eat with classmates - which is always fun. Though we had to sit outside since Chipotle was so full with people from the conference. I was wearing black jeans though (since the rest of the time we were in cold AC'd buildings) and was sweltering in the heat. Daaaaang. I made us stop for McDonalds Iced Coffee's afterwards. So thankful for them.

For the afternoon break we hung out at the church with some of our classmates. Some of them (Paul included) played basketball and the rest of us sat around and chatted. God was moving so mightily in people's hearts over the weekend that there was lots to talk and pray through all together. It was great.

Afterwards we headed to Taco Ball for dinner (Crunchwrap supreme again - praise the Lord). We got to eat with some friends we normally don't get to spend time with so that was also a treat.

Also we saw this car in the Taco Bell drive through Friday night and I loved it. So cute!

After lunch we came back for different workshops. There was 'Apologetics" (defense of the faith) with Dr. Brian Miller, "Women, evangelism and Jesus" with Cindy Hollander and a course on bringing conferences like this to your home church. I'd heard Dr. Miller in Calgary, AB speaking at Harvest Institute last summer. He gave an amazing, thorough and clear defense of the faith. We will be hearing from him again this summer at Harvest Institute at the end of August so I decided to go hear Cindy speak. 

Cindy Hollander is married to Steve Hollandar. Steve is  Campus Ministry leader and an Evangelist. He came to Harvest Institute as well last summer and he was a joy to get to know. His faith and power are wonderful to see played out. I had wondered at the time what his wife would be like, and she was great to meet. She was honest, kind and gracious. She instantly felt like someone I would want to be friends with. I got to meet her Friday night at the start of the conference - she came up to Paul and I to introduce herself. I was so impressed with her friendliness! Also she reminds me of Kari Siewert, the dear friend who did our premarital counseling. It of course, helped me like her even more!

Cindy spoke about being women in ministry. She said that as women we have something unique to offer - that we were built in God's image. Men were also, but we were each given a part of God's character. She laid out some of what that looked like in women. She said that women love to make things beautiful and that is what the gospel does. It takes what is broken and in disrepair and makes it whole and beautiful. That is what women thrive on. it's why we do makeovers for our girlfriends and give opinions on clothes - we long to see people be whole, happy and healthy and walking in all that they are meant to! That is at the heart of the gospel. We aren't just saved from death - but because Christ lived the life we should have lived (perfect obedience) and died the death we deserved to die we get to walk life with His record! We walk as blameless Holy children of the God most high. That is a beautiful, whole, healthy way to walk life out. Wow. 

So....Evangelism is sharing beauty. As women we give life, we nurture life, we feed for people, we care for people, and we love to see life where there was none. This is the Gospel! This is our calling. 

And women have a gift of grace. We are relational and loving. We know that everyone wants to connect and we love to help that happen. It is necessary to say truth, to share truth, but also it's His kindness that leads people to repentance and that is something we're to walk in. 

Cindy also shared about the women at the well - about how she would have experienced this meeting with Jesus. What she heard:
"He's not ashamed to associate with me" Don't we all want to be wanted?
"He gently told me I didn't know Him" A gentle, but loving word in truth
"He promised to fulfill my deepest needs" Is that not all we want?
"He kindness inspired me to be honest" We all crave authenticity
"He knew everything about me (all my sins) but he still wanted to talk with me" Unconditional love
"He told me I would be a true worshiper" Prophecy of a life with Him!
"He told me, and spoke to me, in such a way, that I believe the Father wants me" We all want to be wanted.

She showed us how much this message relates to us as women and how other women yearn to hear it as well. 

I LOVED this. 

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