Thursday, July 26, 2012

Food, clothes and C.S. Lewis

First off it's late. I've been in the pool and water usually makes me sleepy. Plus we have to be at school by 8:20am. Now normally we get there by 8:30 but somehow that 10 minutes feel crazy...especially since we normally only HAVE to be there by 9am but show up stupid early. This feels like a stretch.

But here are some thoughts:
  • Tonight I made two giant freezer bags of veggies and meatball pasta. It is in a red sauce with cream cheese and amazing. I also made enough for dinner. 
  • Tonight Paul and I swam in the pool since we only have one more week to enjoy it!
  • Tonight we played Ticket to Ride and I hit my all time high - 198!!! It was epic. 
  • Tonight I am sleepy
Last night I made steamed broccoli, spaghetti squash, yoshida fish and cheesy potatoes. It was excellent. Look!

Today was a good day. Steve Murrell the President of Every Nation came in to talk to us about discipleship. It was really great  - we just finished his book "WikiChurch" on the same subject but still really really really enjoyed all that he had to say. 

Also I wore my new Goodwill blouse (remember, $4.50) and felt great in it all day. I LOVE it. 

And as we've learned church history and various other topics, there have been so many wonderful quotes by Christians and, actually, non-Christians that have amazed me. I heard this one yesterday and needed to repeat it. It's by C.S. Lewis. He so often has the best quotes - plus he wrote Adventures in Narnia!

So true. 
But oh does Christianity give me security and significance like nothing else every could. 
And now, to bed.

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