Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nashville & SOM moments

Buffalo River Day - details to follow but photo teaser here and now!

Meal made for classmates after canoeing - reminded of me love for feeding people. Though only negative was watching Batman 2 - I always forget how much I dislike this movie! But since I wasn't interested in the movie I got to work on editing the Canoeing photos, so that's a win

Rainstorms with lightening and thunder. We have crazy weather here. Friday night the weather was so crazy on the way home that even walking 15 paces from the restaurant to the car made me soaked. There were so many puddles that I had to take my shoes off so the puddles wouldn't wreck them. Crazy! More thunder, more lightening and more crazy weather. 

Learning Hip Hop with Dorinda and Zach. Me, a small town white girl, attempting hip hop. Terrible. Zach and Dorinda, teachers amazing, excellent. It was a very fun time. I was not good, but I enjoyed it. 

Logan's Road House Restaurant - Happy Hour is 3-6 and 8-10. We got hot rolls, Nachos, Mozza Sticks, Deep fried Pickles (not as good as I'd hoped) and an iced tea for $11. Plus free peanuts and shells get tossed on the floor! And a great time with SOM classmates.

Lunch times with classmates in break room - conversation, laughter, new friendship. 

"Put that in your theological pipe and smoke it" - Paul Barker

"I feel like I've been Bamboozled!" - Dorinda

I feel like I haven't properly explained our classroom. 
It is serious. It is hilarious. It is deep. It is stirring. It is a time of growth. It is a time of stress. It is a time of learning. It is a time to meet Jesus. It is a time to study. It is a time to perform. It is a time to learn that the gospel isn't about performance. It is structured and chaotic. 
It is a perfect mix of learning and structure, with humour and randomness, mixed with depth and time to learn from Jesus. 
It is a wonderful experience. 

First off there's always laughter.
There's always a quip or helpful remark by Paul Barker. 
There's always an outburst from someone as Paul teaches us something mindblowing. 
There's sometimes contagious laughter by Heather T or Constance. 
There's usually a great question from Sherwine. 
There's always a moment of amazement when Abigail gives a public speaking moment. 
There's usually one or two or three breakout performances when doing public speaking that surprises the class with their awesomeness.
There's weekly written tests for Vocab and statements.
There's regular verbal tests for the same.
There's tests turned into games - very serious games.
There's always a rush to turn in assignments by 8:55 each morning.
There's panic at the thought of someone being late - we all feel the stress for each other. 
There's the true fact that "you do not want to be late"
There's also love and friendship between classmates.
There's chatter and talk and laughter. 

It is a great experience. I am very thankful to be a part of it. 

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