Monday, July 23, 2012

Buffalo River Float = Happy Happy Happy

Saturday I did something that I have been looking forward to for years. Four years in fact, since I last did it. Summer 2008 I went canoeing down the buffalo river with Morgan and some other friends. It was one of the best days of my life. Since then I have looked forward to a repeat adventure. So when I heard I was coming to Nashville, TN I made the plan to come again and boy am I glad I did. I invited our classmates and 10 of us ended up going. We arrived at Lobelville, TN at Heath's canoe rental around 8:30am. We got our 5 reserved canoes and started the adventure!

You can see us here getting ready - we're in the truck about to head down to the river to begin!

The canoes behind us!

You can see the launch space behind us to the left
...and Alex explaining her fear of boating (which was shortly conquered)

Heather and Virginia

Alex - now in love with canoeing!

The river was beautiful.

Rachel and Karylanne

After about 45 minutes of canoeing (including one awkward crazy turn filled with logs and currents to avoid) we found the rope swing place. The girls arrived about 30 minutes before the guys so we took turns braving the rope swing. I went first since I'd been here before and was slightly less scared than the others. I felt empowered, haha. It was awesome. 

Then Heather tried

Then Alex went

Next up was Rachel.
Who, congrats!, just got a job for after school. 

Nice form, Rach!

Next up, Karylanne!

She was not afraid at all.

The spot was beautiful

Finally the boys caught up. 
And in the excitement to join us their canoe hit a sandbar and they tipped.
This was randomely caught mid tip.

Also the other guys joined us 

Paul and Evan's canoe filled with water

Christopher tried out the rope swing as well

He had great form!

Then Evan tried

Next up Tarzan!

I tried again


Karylanne tried again as well

She got some height

Christopher got some rad height!

So did Evan!

We all ate together and talked some more before heading back out

The ride was so beautiful

We stopped mid way for some snacks and swimming.
We chilled in the refreshing water for about an hour and it was lovely.
There was even a natural lazy river that we took turns enjoying.

It was lovely. 

We had hit the river at about 9am, and returned to the base at about 3:30. We left the base at 4 and headed back to Nashville. We grabbed some McDonalds on our way and then headed back to Nashville. We caravaned home and let GPS lead the way. This took us through the countryside, down some backroads and while it was a random trip, it sure was beautiful. 

Our classmates came over for dinner afterwards. Pizza, Nachos and Pasta. It was tasty and it filled my heart with happiness to feed friends. 

I loved how everyone laid around the living room happily. There were people on couches, on chairs and on the floor. It looked like a group of friends - and it felt like one to - it is so strange to think we only met these new friends 6 weeks ago! Even stranger that we leave in 2 weeks today!! Crazy!!

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