Thursday, July 19, 2012

Downtown Nashville and Sundaying

Sunday we went to Bethel Franklin and once again thoroughly enjoyed the family feel there - Kevin York spoke and it was excellent. 

We then headed downtown for a last hang out and lunch with the Boer's.

Downtown was picturesque as usual. 
Hot but good to look at.

We ate at Demo's Steak and Spaghetti Restaurant.
Unlimited cheesy breadsticks, and tasty food.

We then began to walk around downtown - seeing stores and the riverfront.
Many many stores.

Becky and I with the REAL Elvis
Can't you tell?

Then we headed down to the riverfront.
We were told we had to go there.
It was freaking HOT.
We were trying to decide how worth the view the heat was. 
Because it was stinking hot.
And I was wearing heels, bad idea.

Though this building was pretty cool.

And some history!

Also cool looking ivy

Then we began the walk around downtown looking for a coffee shop.
Did you know that in Nashville all the coffee shops close at noon on Sundays?
It was afternoon.
It was hot.
We were tired.
We walked for blocks.
I was wearing heels.
We were all exhausted.

Then after walking for an hour we found a Panera.
It was 2:50.
We walked in to discover that they closed at 3pm.
Thankfully they let us sit in the air conditioned building until almost 4.
Thank you Panera.
I love you.

These are the offending heels.

The Boer's and the Morgan's

Also the "Grey-eyed Man of Destiny" was born on May 8th, just like me!

We made it home around 5pm.
Hot, sweaty and sore.
I made my way to the pool for some studying and floating.
The pool does wonder for my sore hip, and I am sooo thankful for that!

After the pool I made us dinner and then we both studied and did homework and went to bed by 9pm. Well I did, Paul went to bed a couple hours after me, as per usual. But regardless much relaxation happened.

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