Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday night catch up

It's Tuesday night but it feels like Friday since tomorrow is the 4th of July and we have the day off since we are in America!

I did my sermon today and it went very well - I did way better than 4 years ago and I think, actually, that it was a pretty good sermon! Phew. 

So now I have time to look back at the last few days...

Saturday after I wrote and posted about Paul's fish we cooked it up the two smaller ones and man where they tasty!

We had Virginia, Rachel and Victoria over for the day - we all rested in the pool and then came inside and worked on our sermons and it was a perfect, relaxing, relational day. 

Rachel, Rachel, Victoria, me and Paul

Victoria and her cannonball

She forgot she was wearing her glasses and lost a lense.

Making a whirlpool made us starving for chips

After swimming and sermon prep we followed Victoria's car to Brentwood.

Rachel followed along behind us.

And we all met up for basketball in brentwood with some of our classmates. Well lets be honest....Paul joined in with basketball and Rachel and I sat on the side and chatted while the rest of them played. Paul and I then headed home after dark, made a quick dinner and went to bed at a decent time since the pool made us exhausted!

Sunday we got up bright and early and drove to Murfreesboro Every Nation Church.We loved it. Fun, welcoming and a great all round church experience.

We got home and started working on our sermons immediately. We did this all day. It was exhausting but worth it. 

Then Paul fried up the biggest bass he'd caught.

We ate it with salad and it was tasty!

We practiced our sermons for each other - here is our makeshift podium.

We were up until late working on sermons - but by the end of the night we both had something to go with. Paul's was totally ready and mine was close. This worked out well since Paul was to preach Monday and I had until Tuesday.

Monday morning I woke up at 6am and took a bike ride.
It was beautiful.
Also I heard goats and cows making a lot of noise.

Also I dressed up.

When we got home we joined our host family for dinner
Our host situation is different than most - we live in a suite attached to them.
It's perfect. We have the freedom we're used to, but the socialness we love!

We brought over dessert and pasta salad and they made burgers and hotdogs.

Tuesday was my sermon and it went well! I feel like I did a great job and it was well received. I had been fairly terrified and ended up really enjoying it. Afterwards Pastor David Houston came into talk on "the Fathers Heart" and ended with prayer and prophesy. It was a wonderful time of healing and growth. 

Then we got home and I made Broccoli, Cheddar Orzo, Parmesan Garlic Chicken and Creamy Asparagus. 
It was tasty!

And then we had ice cream again...
and mmmm boy.

While we ate we watched "Best in Show".
It was date night and it was perfect.
We got to enjoy being together and in love.
Thank you Jesus.

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