Monday, August 6, 2012

Almost finished - July 23rd to 29th

In the craziness my blogging recapping suffered so I'll recap for the last while:

July 23 - 29: This was a great week in class - Pastor/Prophet Jim Laffoon was in to prophecy over us, we had the EN president Steve Murrell in to talk about discipleship, and many others; an EN pastor from Iran who'd been imprisoned for his beliefs (and was supposed to be executed but was miraculously saved), Steve Hollander (senior evangelist at Bethel), Campus Ministers/Pastors from Texas (Shadrick Bell and Peter Dusan), and we practiced two minute miracles (your two minute testimony). It was a full but great week. 

The prophesy was so cool - so encouraging and affirming of the things we care about. And pastor Steve's talks on discipleship and growth were life giving and exciting - and gave me new ideas and foundations for back home. 

One day at lunch I came in to find Paul sitting mostly alone in a room. 

Upon further inspection he was playing with Lego.
That's my husband!

In the evenings we still had fun while getting through homework: 
Monday we had Dorinda (a classmate) and Zach (her boyfriend) over for dinner (which was a lovely time of conversation - seriously wonderful conversation).

Tuesday - Thursday was for homework.

And of course we ate well as usual

And more of the beautiful Tennessee landscape

Friday night we hung out with classmates Abigail, TJ and Karylanne (we watched the opening Olympics Ceremony and chatted).

Paul played with Omolemo's builder hat

TJ played with Omolemo and he had so much fun

Karylanne and I enjoyed the cupcakes that Aleta made for us.

Olympic Opening Ceremony and desserts

TJ and Abigail
(one of our two pregnant ladies in the class)

Saturday I went to a Womens Tea (Tea and Pride & Prejudice - love!) and then met up with Paul's aunt, uncle and cousins from MN for dinner and shopping at Opry Mills (soooo good to see them).

Cindy and Michelle spoiled us with treats

Heart shaped Sandwiches for the win!

Tif and I

Rachel, me and Tif

And again, but with Victoria

We were meeting up with the Pfaff's at the Grand Ole Opry.
After some confusion we found each other and headed for dinner

Sunday was a BBQ with our class at Nick and Heather Jones (which felt cozy, warm and like family). Heather decorates and throws a party like I love/long to so it was a treat to be in her home and pick up some tips. Plus she's just a lot of fun. And our classmates are awesome also and we all love the chance to hang out and talk. 

Baby Chloe was entertaining us. 

Heather was defending herself.
She's a runner at the collegiate level and was bested in the street by one of our classmates

Watching the Olympics and relaxing

Paul massaging one of the guys.
But apparently he's really good.

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