Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nashville Explorations

Yesterday I mentioned the Bruschetta Chicken I made on Sunday.
It was TASTY.

Monday we got to start class at 10am, later than our usual 9am start because we were all so exhausted from the weekend's conference. Once class started we were more awake than expected and ready to learn - and so so thankful for the sleep in time. Over the day we studied the book "The 7 practices of Effective Ministry"with Bill Lloyd (the EN Director of Operations), Two-Minute Miracle (your two minute testimony) with Gregg Tipton (EN's 10 Days Missions), and we looked at Worldviews. 

At the end of the day we broke into women's and men's groups.  The men met across the hall with John Rhoher (an EN Pastor and Prophet) and the women had two speakers come talk with us about relationships, marriage and ministry. We had our Campus Directors wife, Heather Jones come in, as well as Cindy Hollander (whom I mentioned the other day). They were so wise and so enjoyable. It was great to have their humble, kind and godly perspectives on all sorts of topics. Since our teachers are generally men, and most of our guest speakers are men, I'm glad they make these times to hear from the women - since I am one and lets be honest, women think differently at times!

After class our friend Rachel asked if we wanted to come out for dinner and meet her mom who was visiting from Texas. We were definitely on board. Rachel speaks so highly of her mom, we were glad to meet her! It was hot out and I was wearing black jeans again, but aside from that it was lovely. 

We got to enjoy the sighs of downtown Nashville.

We ate at Jack's BBQ. Brisket for me and Pork Shoulder for Paul. Tasty but overpriced and small portions. However the company was excellent. 

Plus the restaurant did look pretty cool

Paul, me, Virginia and Rachel

Us with a giant guitar.
Please note that Paul is in this picture.
His gift to me.

Look! a giant boot.

On our way home we noticed that it was again gorgeous. 
There sure are some beautiful moments here in Nashville!

After we got home we worked on homework - we both got all caught up for the week which was such a blessing! Efficiency for the win!

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Stephanie said...

Boot Country photo - in love! Miss YOU!


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