Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stoney River Steakhouse and a double date

Sunday night we were going out for dinner with friends. Pastor James wanted to give two of our classmates a giftcard for a fancy steak house. These two students were nominated by their classmates as the most studious. And I won! With Abigail. We are the two married ladies in the class that also have our husbands here with us. So we made it a double date. 

Also on Friday I went to goodwill and got a blouse for $4.50 and I love it! See!

So we went to Stoney River

Deep fried poppyseed balls with honey butter

My meal: Grilled Trout with Asparagus and Potatoes Au Gratin

Paul's meal - tasty tasty!

The four of us at dinner with our food

 Me and Paul!

Abigail and TJ

We had such a great night with TJ and Abigail. It's funny, because Abigail and Paul share many of the same strengths and TJ and I share many of the many of the same strengths, however Abigail and I have many of the same strengths or beliefs and Paul and TJ have many similar beliefs. It was fun to talk and be able to relate to each of them in different ways. We loved talking about marriage and ministry with them through that all. 

Abigail is pregnant, and both of them are going into teaching for this year and TJ will be going into ministry in a year. They're from Orlando at the EN church there. Since they live clear across the country from us, it was great to have the chance to spend time with them before we all parted ways. They're a lot of fun. 

Afterwards we picked up some groceries on our way home. Paul found some meat. Lots of meat.

Paul and his meat baby!

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