Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Friday night and a storm with Lance and Becky

Friday night we were having friends from South Carolina come visit. 
Lance is a friend from high school. The last time I saw them was four years ago when I was in Nashville, so it was great to have another opportunity! Lance's wife Becky is the sweetest lady - I thoroughly enjoy her. It was great again to get to know her even more. 

Paul and I had them over for dinner - Mexican Pie

It was a good night!

Saturday we explored Franklin and history (more to come on this later) and on our way home we encountered a crazy rain storm.

It was freaking intense.
We were all glad to get back to our house to hole up inside and play Scattergories in the warmth.

After Lance and Becky left for the evening Paul and I stayed in.
Paul's back was hurting and it was still very wet out, so we had a night at home to relax.
And it was much appreciated. 

Movies, computers, and good company.

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